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10 role play scenarios for customer service [+ scripts to master them]

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If you play sports, your team will have training will mix the future adversaries. If you have a role in a musical, your cast will be holding rehearsals to prepare for the big show. And, if you are part of a customer service team , your colleagues and your managerconduct role plays to prepare you for potential questions customers will ask you. Role play is one of the most basic customer service training exercises. It simulates real conversations that service reps have with customers and teaches them how to respond to different customer behavior . When you are new to customer service, these exercises are great for familiarizing yourself with discussions with customers and for communicating troubleshooting steps through a real-time channel. In this article, we"re going to list some of the most common role-playing scenarios for your service team to review, as well as examples of role-playing games that your sales reps can use. "train. But before we dive into that, let"s take a look at how you should conduct a role-playing game.e customer service in your business and why it is useful for a customer service team. What is the role play of customer service? When training service representatives, companies will conduct customer service role plays to prepare representatives for potential conversations they will have with customers. This not only familiarizes them with common issues and questions customers will have, but it also teaches them how to navigate situations where they don"t know how to react - like in the example below. Image source Using this flowchart, sales reps know how to react to every potential response a customer might give. In a role play exercise, two representatives can walk through each of these potential situations together, one posing as the "customer" and the other responding based on what the "customer" says. . This way, sales reps can practice what they will say to customers before they actually interact with a customer. Now that you know what customer service role playing is, let"s take a look at some sample scenarios in the next section. Customer Service Role Play Scenarios <- InnerList: {header = Customer Service Role Play Scenarios, content_type = order_list, list = {items = [Customer calls , sendie emails or sends messages to your customer service team., Customer asks a common service question, Customer shares negative feedback about your product or brand, Customer requests a product, feature or service that you do not have., The customer has a question or has a problem for which you do not have a solution., The customer purchases a defective or incorrect product., The customer needs to be transferred to another representative, The client wants to speak to a manager., The client is delighted with his brand experience., The client asks you to fold the comp any policy.]}, Paragraph = {content = The HubL macros allow you to print multiple statements with a dynamic value. For example, if there is a block of code that you find yourself writing over and over again, a macro might be a good solution, because it will print the block of code, while exchanging some arguments as you pass it.} } -> The customer is calling, emailing, or texting your customer service team. The customer asks a common service question. The customer shares negative comments about your product or brand. The customer is asking for a product, feature or service that you don"t have. The customer asks a question or has a problem that you don"t have. have a solution for. The customer purchases a defective or incorrect product. The client must be transferred to another representative. The customer wants to speak to a manager. The customer is delighted with the experience of his brand. The client asks you to circumvent company policy. 1. Customer calls, emails or messages to your service team. Interactions with customers have to start somewhere. And whether you realize it or not, those first few moments have amajor impact on the customer experience. The better your introduction, the smoother the conversation. Think about it. If you call a customer support team and the representative picks up and says, “Yes?", You might be thinking you"ve dialed the wrong number. At the very least, that rep doesn"t seem interested in the conversation, which sets the tone for the rest of the interaction. Conversely, if the representative picks up the phone and says, "Hello, this is Clint from Assistance, who am I pleased to speak with today?" "This signals to the customer that they have contacted the right place for assistance and that I am ready to provide dedicated assistance. It is also important to share your name with the client and ask for their name as well. This immediately establishes a rapport with them and humanizes both sides of the conversation. You no longer talk to a stranger now that you know each other byyour name. Customer Service Role Play Script Customer: "Hello? " Customer Representative "support: "Hello, this is (your name) from (company name). Before I start, who do I have the pleasure of working with today? 2. The customer asks a common service question. These interactions will likely be the bulk of your workload. These are questions your team has been asked countless times previously and their solutions are well documented in your knowledge base Or help desk . That being sa id, it is essential to keep in mind that the client doesn"t know - or don"t care - whether their question is common or common.r him, all his requests are equally important. d should be treated with the same care and urgency as any other problem. If they feel like you are doing the legwork or trying to close their case quickly, clients will not be happy with their experience and may ask for more information. In customer service, this is better to provide a detailed answer and walk the customer through a solution than to assume that they understand your explanation. If possible, link the customer to a relevant Knowledge Base article and go through the troubleshooting steps together until a solution is found. This way the customer can ask you questions along the way, rather than creating a new one support ticket whenever they are blocked. Game role of customer service Customer: "How to install this product? " Support representative: "I will be happy to help you install this product. But first, let me share this knowledge base article which can guide us through the installation process. I will walk us through step by step. not this document so you can ask me any questions you have along the way. " 3. The customer shares negative feedback about your product or brand. When working in customer service, there will be times when customers will share negative comments about your brand. As a service professional, your job is to align with the customer, whether or not you agree with their opinion. Your goal is to make them feel justified, while protecting your brand image. To do this, you mustez accept at least part of the responsibility for the customer"s problem. . Even if you think the problem is unimportant, it comes with the territory of working in customer service. If a customer is upset, the last thing they want to hear is whether they are wrong or their feelings are not justified. You should also avoid apologizing. When you apologize, you admit that there is a problem. Sometimes this is necessary. Other times, you can align with the customer"s position without having to apologize - like in the example below. Customer Service Role Play Script Customer: "Your product is terrible. It"s too expensive and it won"t turn on every time I use it. " Tech Support Rep: " Thanks for this comment. I understand how frustrating it can be to spend a lot of money for a produit that does not work consistently. The behavior you describe seems unusual for this product, so if that"s okay with you, I would like to walk us through some troubleshooting steps to see if we can diagnose the problem. My gut tells me this is something we can fix, but if not, I"d be happy to offer some other long term solution. " 4. The customer requests a product, feature or service that you don " If you are a Company SaaS , feature requests happen all the time in customer service. Customers need that your product does something it can"t, and as they keep getting stuck in dead ends, they end up turning to your service team for help. Sometimes you can free them for a pproduct or beta functionality. This is great because the customer not only gets a solution to their problem, but also feels like they are getting special treatment from your brand. Other times you don"t have a beta feature ready to fix the client issue. In these cases, you need to either come up with a creative solution or explain why your product or service is not performing as expected by your customer. Remember that no product can do it all, and sometimes it"s better to explain why a customer shouldn"t do something with your product rather than encourage inserting a square dowel into a round hole. While they can get the immediate satisfaction they want, when you get products to do things they weren"t designed for, sometimes it can lead to serious complications down the road. Role of the serviceth Play Script client Client: "What do you mean your product doesn"t do that? Why did I buy a boat if I can"t take it to land? " Support representative: " I hear you. I think it would be great if our boats could be driven both on land and on land. We could equip your boat with custom features that would allow you to convert it to a land vehicle, however this would incur additional costs and could compromise the integrity of your boat hull. In my experience, I do not recommend this upgrade as our boats really perform their best in the water and this customization may end up costing you more in the future. " Customer: "I see. Well, what am I suppose to do now? I still have to move my boat out of the lake. " Support Rep: "Get it. Where are you moving your boat? While not my expertise, I will be happy to research towing options in your area and share what I find . " 5. The customer asks a question or has a problem for which you do not have a solution. Some customers will ask you questions that you haven"t answered before or you know you don"t have a solution. For these cases, you need to find an explanation as to why you don"t have an immediate response and what you can do for the customer instead. If this is a question that has not been asked before, the first thing to do should be to find a known solution. If you are on the phone or working with the client in person, you will need to save time by putting the client on hold or asking them to wait a while while you are on hold.ou do your research independently. Be sure to ask the client for permission before putting them on hold, as some clients prefer to stay on the line while you work on their issue. Once you mess around shooting for about five minutes, if you still don"t have a solution, you should always ask to follow up with the client. It shows them that you are determined to solve their problem and that you are willing to dig deeper for a solution. Even if you arrive empty-handed, customers will still appreciate the extra effort you put in their suitcase. Customer Service Role Play Script Client: "How is it that every time I use your application my phone turns off after a few minutes? " Support representative: " Good question. Since there may be somes the causes of this behavior, do you mind if i put you on hold to review this with my team? " Client: " Of course. " Support representative: " Excellent. A moment. " Support rep: " Okay, I ran some tests on my end and I wasn "t able to reproduce the problem. However, I want to keep your time in mind, so rather than keeping you online while I troubleshoot this, would you mind if I email you in and can let you know as soon as I find it? a solution? " 6. The customer purchases a defective or incorrect product. When a customer purchases a defective or incorrect product, most of the time they will request a refund or an exchange In these situations, customers are more likely to be upset or frustrated with your business because youTheir product or service did not meet their expectations. As a customer service representative, your job is to reduce this frustration by reassuring customers that your brand is still able to meet their needs. This is a scenario in which an apology is usually appropriate. There aren"t many excuses you can make for delivering a broken or incorrect product, and if you want to save the customer relationship, you better apologize and admit your mistake. Now is the time to hine yourself as a customer service representative, as your response will influence the customer churn rate. If you give the impression to the customer that this was a one-time mistake, they will be more likely to stick with your business. In fact, research shows that 67% of the churn rate is avoidablee if the customer "s problem is resolved during their first service interaction with the company. Customer Service Role Play Script Customer: "Hello, I received this product yesterday, but when I got it opened, there was a huge crack in the center of it. What are you going to do about it? " Support rep: "I"m so sorry to hear this. I apologize that your product did not arrive as expected. I will be happy to take care of it for you. Would you like me to ship a new one? correctly? now, or do you want to start an i nstead refund? " 7. The customer needs to be transferred to another representative. Depending on how your service team works, you may need to transfer clients to different employees in your organization. In this case, it is important to know how to convey these conversations in a fluid and transparent manner.arente. To get started, you need to explain to clients why you need to transfer them. Remember that some people don "t like to be put on hold and they may ask you why you can"t fix the problem for them. In these situations, you need to explain why your teammate is in the best position to solve their problem and what they will do for them that you cannot. While you don"t want to pass the buck, you need to make it clear that your coworker is the best resource to find a solution. Customer Service Role Play Script Customer: "Hello, I was just on the phone with someone, but the "call was dropped. Can you help me with what we were working on? " Support representative: " I will be happy to help you out, but let"s see if my colleague is available for a transfer before we start.As they already have all the information on this case, they will be your best resource for finding a solution. " Client: " Well, why "t you help me? " Support Rep: " I will be happy to help if my colleague is not available. But, since they have all the information on your case, you will get a faster solution if I reconnect you with them. This way you don"t have to explain all the details of the case to me again and you can pick up where you left off with the last rep. " 8. Customer wants to speak to a manager. No matter how much of a customer service rep you are, you will end up meeting someone who will ask talk with your manager. It may not even be your fault either. In fact when it happened to me the customer didn"t even let me introduce my before theyask to speak to my manager. The point is not to take it personally. Just because someone asks to speak to your manager doesn"t mean you did something wrong. Some people think that by talking to management, they will receive faster solutions and special treatment from your company. If a customer asks to speak to your manager, stay calm and follow your company "s protocol. If your policy is to transfer them, follow the steps in the previous section. If your support team does not transfer calls to management, use the below as a guide. Customer Service Role Play Script Customer: "This is unacceptable. I would like to speak to your manager. " Support representative: "Of course. I will be happy to put you in touch with a manager. However, take into accountu of the functioning of our team, no manager is available at the moment. I can definitely contact my manager and set up a meeting, but it may take a while before I can log in. In the meantime, I would love to work with you on this issue and keep my manager informed of the progress we are making. " 9. The customer is delighted with their brand experience. Not all service cases involve an angry customer. The best is when you are working with someone who is passionate about your product and is excited to learn more about your business. These interactions usually lead to net promoter scores and positive customer reviews. When a customer has good things to say about you or your business, don"t just sit back and"accept the compliment. This is the opportunity to really get in touch with them and generate a customer loyalty for your brand. To do this, you can encourage people to share their comments with others or to leave a review after their service request is closed. When I worked for customer support, I always reminded customers that we have a feedback survey that is triggered after every interaction with the service. This way, customers had a way to share their positive feedback with me - and my manager. Customer Service Role Play Script Customer: " Wow! Thank you very much. You"ve been a huge help today . " Support Rep: " Glad to hear it. And if you like, feel free to share your likesagents via our investigation triggered at the end of each (case / appeal). We would really appreciate it. " 10. The customer asks you to bypass company policy. You may meet someone who uses the term" the customer is always right " a little too seriously. While there are rare cases where it makes sense to bend the rules, your business has protocols for a reason and you should always follow them even when a customer asks you not to. do. If you are if you are constantly dealing with people asking you to break company policy, you might want to report this trend to your boss. After all, though You should always follow company protocol, your company procedures should not interfere with your customers. At the very least, find out why your company has this policy in place so that you can share this information.relations with your customers. Customer Service Role Play Script Customer: "I just need you to give me my account number and password It doesn"t matter what your company policies say. I"m in a hurry. " Support representative: " I understand your frustration and wish get this information to you as quickly as possible, but unfortunately I cannot provide you with an account number or password at this time. Although I trust you are who you say you are, this policy is in place for the safety of all our customers and d "s without going through the required login process, it would put your account at risk. 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