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8 authentic examples of customer satisfaction guarantees

A service   2021-01-06 02:25:38

Customer Satisfaction Guarantees set your brand apart from its competitors, lower the buying bar and give your customers a sense of confidence in your product. Various customer service guarantee examples show that this is true regardless of your industry - from big box grocery stores to eyeglass stores - if you believe in your product, you will offer a guarantee. With a guarantee, you signal your customers that you are sure they will like your product. Second, if they don"t, don"t worry,because you will make sure they get their money back. Don"t give potential customers an excuse to convey your product. Use these customer service guarantee samples as inspiration to find what works best for your brand and service. Customer Service Guarantee Examples Money Back Guarantee When people think of a guarantee, it is most often the one they think of. Giving cash has become so common that most customers don"t see it as a guarantee as much as their right when making a purchase. That sa id, there is still an advantage in providing it explicitly to your customers, especially for the added security it offers. Here is an example of Money Back Guarantee on Costco "s website : Not only will they reimburse customers for the product they purchased and were not happy with, but they will also reimburse members for their membership fees if they end up not enjoying it. Lifetime Guarantee Many good, popular companies enjoy a lifetime warranty of their products . Lands "End , Eddie Bauer and Doc Marten are exthese are examples of companies who trust the quality and performance of their products. That sa id, companies outside of work and outdoor clothing are also getting into the game. For example, Brooklinen, the online provider of direct-to-consumer bedding, offers the following warranty on its website : No matter what goes wrong, Brooklinen will replace or repair its products free of charge. This is a substantial competitive advantage, even at a significantly higher price. Guarantee to try before you buy With many online retail businesses, consumers have to find new convenience in not testing things before they buy. Instead of holding something in their hands or trying it on in the store, they just have to buy it and hope for the best. Unless the company they are buying from has a Try before you buy warranty . Companies like Warby Parker offer individuals the opportunity to try or use products at home for an extended period of time before having to pay anything other than postage: This type of guarantee gives consumers the same peace of mind they would have had in-store, but in the comfort of their own home. Guarantee of the perfect fit News clothing companies like Thirdlove offer guarantees in the form of "perfect fit " promises, which entitle buyers to 30 or 60 days of wear and tear on their product with a no questions asked return policy. Other examples of a customer service guarantee promising a perfect fit are: Club Champion Golf Hockerty Appropriate fabric Suitopia This type of warranty can help companies that sell intimate products or items with more limited profitability. For products returned to Thirdlove , they give them to ch arity. Best price guaranteed In some product comparisons, the one with the cheapest product wins over the others. best price guarantee can protect you against this.Many highly competitive sectorsfs, like travel, offer this type of customer satisfaction guarantee. Take, for example, Priceline : Not only do they offer the lowest price, but they"ll double the refund if you find a better price on their special deals. Guaranteed results This customer service guarantee example is well known among fitness and wellness products and exterminators, and pest control. For example, Snap Fitness, a gym franchise , says: " If you don"t see a positive difference in the 30 days after your inion at our gym, you will receive a full refund! " With this level of guarantee, many customers feel like they have nothing to lose when making a purchase. This is especially useful if your product"s primary value lies in results achieved by your customers. Reliability Guarantee This type of Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is similar to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for non-SaaS products. Dynabook, software company and hardware , guarantees the performance of any portable computer marketed: If a calculation if they sellbreakdowns or repairs do not work as expected, the consumer will receive a full refund. Bonus refund Sometimes it doesn"t work Promising a money back guarantee is not enough. In these cases, some companies may choose to add a bonus refund. A great example of this type of customer satisfaction guarantee is Hannaford . They claim that you will like their product so much that if you don "t like the product you purchased, they will double your refund (much like Priceline, above): This is a big deal for a grocery chain! Be the customer first There are downsides to offering customer satisfaction guarantees: they can be expensive, time consuming, and affect your bottom line if your product doesn"t not as good as you would expect. That sa id, the pros outweigh the cons: Your customers will feel more confident about purchasing your product. There is a lower bar (ie lower risk) when buying. You cultivate confidence. You allow consumers to feel passionate about your product and "get it" before they buy. Offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is one of the most customer-focused policies you can adopt. Consider adding a little feature to one of these customer service guarantee examples today and have a look at your