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Guide to getting started with Pet Planet - the new craze after cryptokitties

Blockchain   2021-02-03 05:14:24

Getting started with Pet Planet - The new craze after Cryptokitties Originally posted by on Last update : 7/1/2018 By now you have all heard of Cryptokitties that smashed the ethereum for a few days with virtual cats. Cryptokitties created this pokemon blockchain frenzy in which of thesedigital hats that have been sold on the blockchain for over $ 100k per chat. Today, I share with you the latest craze to come, Pet Planet , which launched yesterday. Pet Planet is the first major Dapp created by Tron Foundation (TRONIX) and . For anyone unfamiliar with Tron, this is the best performing crypto asset in December (back 40 times) dropping from 139 million (December 4) to 5.5 billion today based on from Coinmarketcap . They have a proven model copied from Cryptokitties and a large number ofe fans on Twitter to promote their game Currently the game is extremely new with almost no documentation. The website is now entirely in Chinese, so you will need to use google translate if you don"t understand Chinese. The international version will be available soon. Once you register with a username and password on the website, the game will ask you to deposit in TRX (TRX) or GTC token (Gamecoin). To get TRX, you need to buy them on Binance and transfer them to the wallet provided by the game. Portfolio completed with 20000 TRX (Website was translated using google translate) Once you have the TRX in your wallet, you can search the market for pets. There are three options: Browse by animals, browse pet stores, and adopt an option random for pets. Sample view of the pet store summary page View of the animal Boutique In the pet shop you can choose the animals you want to buy or buy a mystery animal with 400 TRX. Purchasing each animal will give you free game tokens, which can be converted back to TRX tokens (1 game token for 5 TRX). If you"re lucky, there is a chance that you will earn in-game chips that are worth more than the cost you pa id in TRX. Pets are classified into 4 levels: common, rare, epic and legendary. Currently, the familiarsare sold for 200 TRX now. Rare, Epic and Legendary pets appear in stores with a much lower chance. You are expected to be able to breed pets and upgrade them to the next level. Th There is a pet encyclopedia that will show you all the pets you can possibly get (think pokedex in pokemon go). To start selling animals, you will need to deposit 20,000 TRX which will be used to buy a pet store that will allow you to sell pets.z that without a store, you cannot sell the animals you have purchased. Depending on the deion of the website, having a store will entitle you to: 100 common pets included in the package (d " worth 200 TRX each). 2. After you have sold your 100 animals, you will have the option to randomly buy ized pets from Tron to sell more animals. 3. You will receive a commission (pa id in TRX) for each animal. The estimated commission is between 5 and 10%. 4. The shop is refundable and you can resell it to Game.Com (the company that manages the game) I have browsed the 100 stores currently open and most of them have already sold 50 to 70% of the pets. " > A practically exhausted pet store I hope this little guide will help you will help, especially or all of you who don"t understand Chinese. This game is still quite new and has a lot of room to develop. your comments below if you have any comments or things to add as we are all learning together! Follow the author on Twitter ! Keen to learn more about FundYourselfNow? Join our conversation on the finance revolutionparticipatory cement on our Telegram group, or follow us on Twitter. Kenneth Co-Foun der, FundYourselfNow