Square Crypto and Gemini have granted another grant, this time to two pseudonymous developers who run one of the most popular Bitcoin block explorers.

Bitcoiners pseudonyms Wiz and softsimon will receive $ 100,000 from Square Crypto and $ 25,000 from Gemini to continue their work on the website. The team of two will receive the one-year grant at bitcoin .

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Grants like these have become more ubiquitous over the past year, as Bitcoin and crypto companies rally to fund projects that typically survive through donations and volunteer work. In an open source and distributed world like Bitcoin, these grants are becoming the cornerstone of many projects and initiatives.

"We have dreamed of working directly for Bitcoin for a long time, and now, thanks to recent generous donations from the community, we are able to cover all expenses of open source project Mempool and also take a full salary, so we are living the dream! ”Wiz told.

A block explorer is an online tool that allows users to query blockchain data like transaction IDs, wallet addresses, and other block data. Greedy bitcoiners are drawn to mempool.space as it clearly shows the average per block fee to help Bitcoin users estimate the appropriate charges when sending transactions.

Funding Bitcoin Open Source Tools

Square Crypto has become a leader in the field of Bitcoin grants, distributing funds to Bitcoin Core contributors, open-source software and same user interface designers and Bitcoin educators.

Before Square, Blockstream, BitMEX and others sponsored the development of Bitcoin, either indirectly through grants or internal recruitments.

Over the past year, many Bitcoin exchanges and companies began issuing source grants for everything from Bitcoin protocol development to wallet software.