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Matrix: Why did The Oracle tell Neo that he was not the Chosen One?

Cinema   2021-01-07 07:28:13

If it is recognized to be a program with extraordinary intuition, The Oracle plays above all a preponderant role in the path of Neo . But why does she tell him that he is not the Chosen One? She has her own motivations. Two theories remain valid today. She could voluntarily manipulate events to see her side of the story unfold. Or because Neo is not yet the Chosen One at this precise moment. The Matrix: Why is the Oracle playing with Neo"s fate? - Credit: Warner Bros These two theories leave the door open to many reflexions on the subject. But a certain manipulation of fate could explain this strange revelation. Two theories clash By manipulating events, the Oracle seeks to obtain very specific results. This is evident in the vase scene. When they first meet, the Oracle tells Neo not to worry about the vase. And that simple sentence leads him to inadvertently reverse it. Beyond her clairvoyance, this proves that she can influence Neo"s actions. By planting an idea of ​​sacrifice in Neo"s mind, the Oracle seeks to transform himself. And may he eventually become the Chosen One. But no doubt Neo must also understand for himself the role that awaits him. Because becoming the Chosen One implies an immense psychological load. Had the Oracle revealed its destiny to Neo, a sense of complacency might have disrupted his mission. And the latter could have failed to establish thefreedom and balance in the world. Neo therefore remains convinced that he has no capacity and must act with the heart. This is exactly what he does by saving Morpheus. Because Neo recognizes that this is a chance for humanity, according to his intimate feelings. But Neo might also not be the expected Chosen One at this point in history. The Oracle confirms that he has all the necessary attributes. But Neo must understand that fulfilling this role requires sacrifices. And that he"s not quite ready to take it on yet. Neo insinuates it himself on numerous occasions. What Neo seems to be waiting for is the unwavering conviction of being the Chosen One. And this one does not appear until later, during his fight with Smith. Neo must first act to fulfill the destiny reserved for him. Source: Screenrant Matrix 4: Everything you need to know about the next installment