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Cognos - Ad hoc reports

Cognos tutorial   2020-11-19 16:29:17

Cognos - Ad-hoc Reports Using ad-hoc reports, a user can create queries or reports for ad hoc analysis. The ad-hoc reporting feature allows business users to create simple queries and reports on top of the fact and dimension table in Data Warehouse. The Cognos BI Query Studio provides the following functionality - View data and perform ad hoc data analysis. Save the report for future use. Use report data by applying filters, summaries and calculations. To create an ad hoc report using query studio, log into IBM Cognos software and click Query my data. Select the reports package. Next Once you visit this page you will see your selection under Recently Used Packages Click on the pac namekage. In the following screen, vYou can add dimension items, filters and prompts, facts and calculations, etc. You must insert the objects in this order. To insert an object into the report, you can use the Insert button at the bottom. Insert and filter dimension elements Insert filters and prompts Insert facts and calculations Apply the final touch Save, run, collaborate and share At the top you have the toolbar, where you can create a new report, save an existing report, cut, paste, insert graphics, drill down, etc. When you insert all the objects in a report, you can click the Run option () button at the top .