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Lenovo: perform a hardware and hardware diagnostic / test

Computer hardware   2020-12-18 14:17:42

When we encounter malfunctions, weird and random behavior of the PC, we can test and diagnose your hardware . This makes it possible to ensure that no component is defective and prevent breakdowns . The PC manufacturer Lenovo offers on its site the possibility of performing a test and diagnosis of your PC . This apart from software and tools Lenovo Service Bride or Lenovo Vantage . They allow the following hardware tests to be carried out: A CPU (processor) test , this can generate slowness or BSOD A GPU check (card graphics) which when it works poorly, causes performance drops on games or even crashes A memory test (memtest) which can lead to BSODs A battery diagnostic which leads to loss of autonomy or charging problem Finally other hardware diagnostics such as checks of fans, keyboard and sensors This article guides you to perform the diagnosis and hardware of your PC . Table of contents 1 Perform a hardware and hardware diagnostic of your Lenovo PC 1.1 When starting the PC 1.2 From the help and support site 1.2.1 Use Lenovo Service Bridge 1.2.2 Carry out the hardware diagnosis 1.3 Lenovo Solution Center 2 Another tutorial to make a diagnosis and sound test material 3 Perform a hardware-and-hardware diagnostic of your Lenovo PC The test of its material should be done in the following cases: The PC is abnormally slow and you notice a general decrease in PC performance The PC hangs, freezes and applications no longer respond system instabilities, such as BSODs and blue screens or applications that crash regularly Your PC reboots on its own You encounter a drop in FPS in games This can then help you determine if the problem is hardware with a faulty component or if it is software. In the past, you could use Lenovo Solution Center to perform a hardware and hardware diagnostic. The latter is no longer supported, now you must use Lenovo Service Bride or Lenovo Vantage . When starting the PC Most PC manufacturers offer the possibility of making a hardware diagnostic when starting the PC. This is done through a specific key that must be pressed to access the test and diagnostic tools . The following article guides you in this: Run a hardware diagnostic of your PC (HP, Lenovo, Dell) From the assistance and support site Use Lenovo Service Bridge Open the Lenovo support site Then click on PC and detect your device Bridge / Pont Service Lenovo opens with verification, wait Then check the terms and conditions and click on Download The LBSetup.exe file downloads, open it once download complete Open the setup and installer LenovoServiceBridge , click Next on the wizard and let yourself be guided to complete the installation Finally run Lenovo Service bride from the Windows 10 Start menu Carry out the hardware diagnostic Time needed: 30 minutes . How to make a hardware and hardware diagnostic of your Lenovo PC Open the Diagnostic menu You arrive on the following window. At the bottom left, click on Diagnostics . Personalized analysis of the hardware diagnostic You arrive on the page where we select the hardware components to test. The list of hardware devices are displayed with the scan time. - A full scan of the CPU (12) - A full memory scan (memtest) for 60min - Take a test of your battery - Small tests like captures, fans, keyboard, RAID, video card, Ethernet card and wireless (WiFi). Operating system diagnostics Note that it is also to perform an OS test Lenovo PC hardware is in progress Lenovo PC hardware information Lenovo PC hardware information Hardware analysis and testing is complete The result of the hardware and hardware test of the Lenovo PC Well done! You have successfully performed the hardware and hardware diagnostics (CPU, GPU, memory, battery) of your Lenovo PC. Lenovo Solution Center Lenovo Solution Center is a testing and troubleshooting tool developed to regularly scan your computer for problems. It helps you through one or more options to solve these problems on Lenov computerso running on Windows 7 and later. It allows you to quickly identify system health status, network connections and overall system security. Another tutorial to diagnose and test your equipment The site offers a very complete article that gives you various free software to test your hardware and detect faults or defective components. Diagnosing hardware problems: Testing your components You can also use OCCT, a CPU and GPU stress software to verify that these components are not causing system instability. OCCT: Stress Test CPU / GPU to test stability of your PC You found this article useful and interesting, do not hesitate to share it ... This article is under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. 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