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How to access the Nova Launcher “Labs” parameter for the experimental functionality

Computer science   2020-07-12 18:43:58

Hidden functionality are cool. If you like to tweak, tweak or customize your device, the hidden menus and settings are like a playground - all kinds of cool stuff can be found behind a door that you don"t even realize is there! The fantastic Nova Launcher of Android has one of these doors. RELATED: How to install Nova Launcher for a more powerful and customizable Android home screen So why are application developers hiding things in menus that are not readily available? Most of the time, this is a place for experimental functionality - items that may or may not be ready for daily use, but which are still close enough to be available for testing. If you prefer beta to stable software, these types of menus are for you. Nova Launcher - the most popular alternative launcher on Android - has a nifty hidden menu called "Labs ". This is where you"ll find some pretty cool features, including the option that lets you display the weather in the search bar when you set Nova to look like Pixel Launcher . Activating the labs is actually really simple, and it should work in the free and pa id versions of Nova. Experimental features for everyone! Assuming Nova is already installed and running, go to the Nova Settings menu. You can find the icon for this in the application drawer. With the Nova settings open, press and hold the volume down key on your handset. about a second, a toast notification will appear to let you know that Labs has been activated. Yes, it really is that easy. The newmenu will appear at the bottom, just below "Backup and import settings ". Tap it to jump and see all the new things you now have access to. If you try customizing Nova to look like Pixel Launcher, the first option is the one you wantctiver - place a weather notification in the new pixel style search bar. Otherwise, there are some interesting things here. You can set a long press on the home button to launch Google Now instead of Now On Tap (only works during Nova, however), if for some reason youdon"t like Now On Tap. You can also force widgets to restart when you return to Nova, which is a great feature if the widgets seem to stop updating for you (I had this problem with Pandora and the CPU frequencies of System Monitor) . There are also a handfulother options. Things like removing the grid size limitation, forcing the screen upside down, and displaying an unread number for Gmail are all on the table. Dig a little to see if there is anything you find useful. Finally, you can check Nova"s permissions here - directly from the launcher itself, instead of having to access the Android application settings menu - as well as the "access debug settings. The latter is probably something you"ll never need, but hey, it"s there if you want to check it out. " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99 %; "> That"s about it. And if everyou want to hide the Labs menu again, long press the volume up button for one second. All of your Labs settings should still remain, but the menu will be hidden again. Good.