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How to add AirDrop to Favorites sidebar in Finder on Mac

Computer science   2020-08-16 18:53:56

Apple AirDrop is a convenient way to transfer files between Mac, iPhone and iPad. By default, it"s usually found in the Favorites sidebar of Finder on macOS, but it can easily be removed by dragging it. Fortunately, it "s easy to add it againto Favorites if you accidentally misplaced it. First, click on the desktop to bring the Finder to focus. Click on "Finder " in the menu bar, then select "Preferences " from the menu. In "Finder Preferences ", click the "Sidebar " tab. In In the "Show these items in sidebar " section, check the box next to "AirDrop ". Now when you open a new " Finder "window, AirDrop should be restored in the "Favorites " section of the sidebar. " style = "max- height: 400px; max- width: 99%; "> To move AirDrop and other entries up or down in the Favorites list, just drag them and drop them where you want.