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How to appear offline on Nintendo Switch

Computer science   2021-01-03 12:01:42

Playing yourNintendoSwitchsecretly can be tricky because, by default, Nintendo alerts all of your friends when you launch a game, and they can see if you"re online from their friends list. Luckily, you can always appear offline if you want. Here"s how. Configure. First, activate your Switch and press the "Home " button. On the home screen, select your user profile icon, which is at the top left of the screen. Then you will see your page ofprofile. From the sidebar menu, choose "User Settings ". In " User settings ", scroll down the page and choose " Friend settings ". In " Friend Settings ", select" Show online status at ". From the "Show online status on " menu that appears, select "Person ". (Alternatively, you can choose to share your online status with friends marked as "Best Friends ". DIn this case, select "Best Friends " here.) Once the change has been saved, you are free to exit your profile settings. From now on, yourNintendoSwitchfriends will not be notified when you are online or playing a game. How to Hide Play Acti vity from Friends Even if your online status is hidden from friends, it is still possible that they will see your gaming activity, the list of games you have played recently and which is displayed on your profile page. To turn off reading activity, visit your profile page and select User p> Reading activity settings. In " Read activity settings, set "Show read activity on " on "Person. Once defined, exit the settings of your profile by pressing the “Home" button. The next time your friends visit your profile, they will not see the list of games you have played recently. Have a nice game! RELATED: How to add friends onNintendoSwitch