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How to Free Up Disk Space in Parallels

Computer science   2020-07-12 22:36:43

" style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> Virtual machines can use a large amount of "disk space. If you want to recover some of this disk space, simply deleting files inside the virtual machine will not help. You will need to reclaim this disk space, reduce the virtual hard disk and make it use less space on your Mac. RELATED: How to seamlessly execute pWindows programs on your Mac with Parallels Parallels includes a useful wizard that will walk you through this. To open it, launch Parallels, select the virtual machine on which you want to free up space and click on p> Free up disk space. If you want to free up space on multiple virtual machines, you will have to repeat the process below for each virtual machine. You"ll see wizard Free up disk space for this virtual machine. The wizard offers four options: Snapshots : if you took snapshots to save the state of the virtual machine, these snapshots will use space. Click the "Snapshot Manager " button and you can choose to delete some snapshots to free up space. Resume and shutdown : If you put the virtual machine to sleep instead of shutting it down, the contents of the virtual machine"s memory are saved on your Mac"s hard drive. virtual machine by clicking on the "Resume " button then select "Stop ", these files will be deleted. This is just a temporary however, if you restart the virtual machine in the future, then put it back to sleepinstead of closing it, these recovery files will be recreated. But these files will be deleted each time you shut down the virtual machine. Recover disk space e: Virtual machines tend to grow over time when you add and delete files inside. To reduce the virtual machine files on your Mac, click here on the "Recover " button in the disk space. If it is grayed out, you will have to click on the "Resume " button then stop your virtual machine to continue. Clean Up Parallels Desktop Cache Files : Parallels stores some of the cache files on your Mac, and you can click "Clean up" to delete the cache files associated with this particular virtual machine. If you still have to compress the disk , try removing unnecessary files before using the "Reclaim " option in Parallels. RELATED: 7 Ways to Free Up Hard Disk Space in Windows For example, on a Windows virtual machine, you will want to start it up and use l " Disk Cleanup Tool to clean up system files. You can also uninstall programs you don"t use, empty the trash, and follow the usual tips to free up space.on a Windows PC . After completing this process, shut down your PC and return to the Free Up Disk Space wizard. You should be able to recover more disk space. " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; ">