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How to restart your Plex media server

Computer science   2020-07-12 21:26:12

"style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> Plex Media Server is renowned for a fluid and intuitive user experience, so you might be a little surprised if you are wondering exactly how to restart your server. Don"t worry, we have what you need. Where"s the restart button * @% ^ ing? If you are a regular Plex user, you are used to interacting with your Plex Media Server via the graphi interfacethat Web - the place where you can manage all kinds of tasks like setting up remote access , sharing your library with friends and optimizing your media , among other routine tasks and improvements. RELATED: How to Share Your Plex Media Library with Friends Although You Can do almost anything from the Plex interface, you may have noticed one thing: there is no button reset. No button, no toggle, no link, not a single reference to start, stop or restart the Plex Media Server which can be found anywhere in one of the system menus. As confusing as it may seem at first glance, it"s actually a smart way to keep the server stable: you can only restart Plex Media Server while you"re sitting on the computer on which it works, because cis the only way to make sure you can turn it back on. If you access your Plex installation via the Web GUI away from home (such as on a business trip) and you accidentally shut it down, the server is shut down until you return at home to restart it. How to restart your Plex media server So, if you cannot restart it from the web control panel, how do you proceed? The way you restart Plex Media Server varies greatly depending on the system you are running, from kludgy to useful. On Windows and macOS, there is no dedicated restart function, and you simply quit the application and restart it. Look for the Plex icon in the Windows system tray (or the macOS menu bar). Select " Quit " to stop the server safely. " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> Relaunch the application as you normally would using a shortcut in your Start menu, Dock or similar to launch it. If you are running Plex Media Server on a Unix-like platform such as Linux or FreeBSD, you will start, stop and restart your Plex Media Server from the command line. The following explicit commands trigger each event: service plexmediaserver start service plexmediaserver stop service plexmediaserver restart The command-based approach is much more flexible because it allows you, if you want it,, to configure a cron job to schedule your server to start, stop, or restart. If you are running Plex Media Server on one like a Synology NAS, you will usually find a location in the dashboard of the appliance itself (not the GUIPlex) to restart the Plex application. Synology, for example, has a "package manager on their devices and you can use the" Action menu for individual packages to start and stop them, as shown below. "style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> Because most storage appliances run a NIX type under their GUI, you can often configure a cron type job: here is an example from Forum Synology where someone used the task scheduler built into the device to plan a start / stop sequence for restart your Plex Media Server on a schedule. With the mystery of the missing restart button solved, you"ll know where to look the next time you need to restart your Plex Media Server.