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How to stop notifications by email, text, or Amazon smartphone app

Computer science   2020-07-12 20:58:35

Amazon can notify you of purchases, shipments, and delivery delays by email, SMS, or push notifications from the Amazon app. It"s even possible to enable all three types of notifications, and you"ll be bombarded with duplicate notifications every time you order something . But while these can be usedthe, you probably don"t want all three at once. You may have decided that you don"t want notifications at all: the package will get there when it arrives. In this case, here"s how to turn off each of these notifications. How to deactivate marketing emails from Amazon It is not possible to deactivate all emails from Amazon. You will always receive an email when you place an order on Amazon and when Amazon sends the package to you. If you want to turn off other types of email notifications, you can log into the Amazon website and go to this page - which you can find in the account and p> Message p> Preferences and notification by e-mail. Disable any promotional emails you don"t want to receive under "Promotional emails ". To stop receiving emails mpromotional arketing, check the "Do not send me any marketing emails at this time " and click "Update ". How to stop Amazon delivery text messages Amazon can send text messages to your mobile number with updates on your orders and deliveries. If you want to avoid them because you already receivee-mails anyway, you can turn them off. To unsubscribe from your phone, respond to one of Amazon"s notifications with "STOP " or send "STOP " to 262966. If you want to do it from your PC, connect to the Amazon website and go to thispage.Alternatively,youcanclickonthe" Account and lists "option, then scroll down to the Settings section and click on the" Manage "Updates link. of sendings via Text under Account settings. From there, click on the button "Unsubscribe to stop receiving SMS messages on sendings. " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> How to turn off Amazon push notifications on your phone or tablet If you use the Amazon app on your iPhone or Android phone, you probably also get push notifications every time that something is shipped or delivered. To stop them, open the Amazon app on your phone, open the menu and tap "Settings." Tap the "Notifications " option in the list. Disable the types of notifications you don"t want to receive. For example, if you turn off "Shipping Notifications ", you will not receive a notification when Amazon ships a package to you. If you disable all options here, you will not receive any notifications. " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> "style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> How to filter Amazon email notifications Amazon always sends you order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails. This information is helpful. After all, if someone accesses your account and fraudulently orders items with your payment methods, you will want to know that there is a problem. But you may want to prevent these emails from arriving. If you already see a notification in the Amazon app every time Amazon sends you a package, you may not want to see the same information in your inbox. Mail services offer filters that can prevent emails from reaching your inbox. sends order confirmation emails from [email protected] when you commsend an article and confirmation emails from when it ships an item for you. With this information, it"s easy to create a filter (via your email service, such as Gmail or Outlook ), which sorts messages for you. RELATED: How to use the advanced search features of Gmail and create filters To hide only shipping confirmation emails, simply create a filter that tells emails from [email protected] to skip your inbox. For example, in Gmail, click the down arrow to the right of the search field. Type [email protected] in the " From "box and click " Create a filter with this search ". " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> Select "Skip inbox (archive it) " and click "Create filter ". Gmail will automatically archive emails from confirmationwhen you receive them, so you won"t see them in your inbox. Other messaging services allow you to create automatic filters or rules that work the same way. Check the Google settings or your respective email client settings for more information on how.