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How to use Cortana with a local user account in Windows 10

Computer science   2020-07-12 18:05:19

You have created a local account in Windows and want to use Cortana. However, you need a Microsoft account to activate and use Cortana, but you don"t want to convert your local account to a Microsoft account. What a dilemma. Cortana uses and stores information about you through your Microsoft account. And, thanks to the recent Windows 10 update in Novemberre, there is a way to connect to your Microsoft account for Cortana only, while preserving your local Windows 10 account. You do not need to convert your local Windows account to a Microsoft account. This means that you will still need to use a Microsoft account, but you will not have to use it system-wide. It is not a perfect solution, but it will suffice. To sign in to your Microsoft account for Cortana only, click in the Cortana search box on the taskbar. Clicking the "Cortana button can do a lot more" at the bottom of the Cortana search panel. Cortana tells you what type of information about you will be collected and used. Click on "Of course" if you still want to leave Cortana uuse your Microsoft account to customize searches for you. Then click on "Connection ". If you initially created your Windows account as a Microsoft account, then switch back to a local account, you will see the following dialog with your Microsoft email account listed. Click on your account to automatically sign in to Cortana. This will not convert your local account into Microsoft account. "style = " max- height: 400px; max-width: 99% ; "> If you originally created your Windows 10 account as a local account, the Add Your Microsoft Account dialog box appears. do not have a Microsoft account, click on "Create one and follow the instructions in the dialog box. Otherwise, enter your Microsoft email address and password in the boxes and click on" Connect ". Microsoft will try to convince you to convert your local Windows 10 account to a Microsoft account. You don"t have to do this to use Cortana. Instead of entering your current Windows password, click on the link "Connect to this application only under the box. This dialog box will close automatically and you will be connected to your Microsoft account only for Cortana. Or our Microsoft account will not be used by any other application or functionality and your local account will remain local. " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> Once connected, Cortana can try to convince you to get Cortana on your phone. If you don"t want to do it now, click "Not now " at the bottom of the Cortana pane. Now you"re ready use Cortana to not only search your apps and files on your computer, but also search the web, create reminders and events, track flights, and more. Cortana can be useful, but if you don"t want them personal information you cwhich are stored on your PC or in your Bing account, you can delete it . If you don"t want to use Cortana at all, you can disable it . RELATED: How to Clear Cortana Search History in Windows 10