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How to use Fraps to record video footage of your PC games

Computer science   2020-07-12 21:28:35

Fraps is best known as a simple, lightweight way to see an active reading of your PC Game Images Per Second - c that"s where the name comes from. But it"s also a surprisingly flexible way to record game footage for posting to YouTube, Twitch, and other web video services. Relative uset low resources and easy activation make it ideal for quickly starting and stopping the recording function. Here is how it is done. Why use Fraps? Most Fraps users are more than satisfied with the frame rate tracking feature, and that"s okay, as it"s part of the free package which doesn"t really require any settings or additional investment to operate. Start Fraps, start your game, and you have a reliable overview of the number of frames per second you get. Screen recording and screen capture are secondary, but they are still worth studying if you frequently record game videos. However, there is a caveat: the premium video features of Fraps are not free. Without paying $ 37 for the full version , videos are limitedto 30 seconds and have a non-removable watermark, and screenshots are limited to BMP format. Payment for the upgrade gives you unlimited recording time and support for JPEG, PNG and TGA images. The watermark that appears on the video recorded by the free edition. So what makes Fraps bettertheir that OBS , or the Game DVR included in Windows 10 , both free as in beer? Fraps is sort of a Goldilocks option in this very limited area: it is much faster and more flexible than the default option in Windows 10 - which means lower CPU overhead and better gaming performance - and simpler than the somewhat complex OBS. Fraps uses an idiot-proof system that only records a game window without additional overlays or frills. Press a button to start recording, press a button to stop recording. That"s all. RELATED: How to Save Your Desktop and Create a Screencast on Windows enough to spend money on the upgrade? If you are someone who does it a lot, it could very well be. If not, try anywayn Fraps - you may prefer it over other options, even with time limit and watermark. But if Fraps doesn"t suit you, there are other free options . First step: download and install Fraps Fraps is available for free download from the developer"s website . Just double-click the .exe file to start and follow the on-screen instructions. It can operate as a standard program or at startup, which can be useful if you are a frequent recorder. Second step: choose your video settings In the main Fraps window, click on the "Movies " tab. The first thing you"ll want to do is adjust the recording location of your videos; the default directory in Program Files Movies is not ideal. Click the "Edit " button and choose somethingmore convenient, like your PC desktop or a new folder in Documents. Then there has a few parameters that you will want to look at (and probably change): Video capture shortcut is the keystroke that will start and end a recording session . This is very important: you will want something easy to reach pwhile you are in the middle of a game, but also something that you are not likely to touch by accident, especially with a key combination. I recommend using either a single key in the function line (F1-F12) or a multi-key combo like Ctrl + Alt + R. Video capture settings determine the frame rate and the size at which your video will be saved. The standard 30 frames per second is sufficient for most gaming applications, such as a walkthrough or a quick preview. If you want your video to be really vibrant, you can make it go up to 50 or 60 fps - just make sure that the video player or web host you intend to use can actually take advantage of the higher refresh rate. Full size , which is enabled by default, will record the game area at full resolution. Demi-tait will cut the horizontal and vertical resolution in half for a smaller file size. Keep in mind that video files will be larger at higher frame rates, so if you plan to record a long play session for a Let "s Play video, you may want to keep it. Loop Buffer is a really cool feature: it"s basically a live DVR function for your desktop. The buffer constantly saves your playing sequences in the background, but does not save the video permanently until you activate the capture keyboard shortcut. So let"s say you are just having fun in a shooter"s fast play mode, and suddenly you get super versatility that you didn"t expect, so you don"t save it. If you set the loop buffer duration to 15 seconds, Fraps will save the previous game clip tobefore you hit the record button and everything in the back. If you selectively record cool gameplay clips instead of a long session, this is a great way to make sure you don"t miss anything good. a few others you can probably ignore. The option "Divide the movie every 4 gigabytes mainly concerns older versions of Windows running on a FAT32 file system. "Hiding the mouse cursor in the video " is a stylistic choice, but most viewers don"t care in one way or another. "Locking the frame rate during recording and" forcing lossless RGB capture are cosmetic options that make a video smoother, but can negatively affect game performance. Step 3 : Choose your sound settings By default, Fraps records standard audio output from your computersimple stereo speaker. This is fine for most users - the "multichannel" option for recording surround sound channels will not benefit most people who listen to playback in a stereo setting. If you also want record your microphone, click on "record external input " and make sure that your gaming microphone (and non the microphone input of your computer’s webcam) is selected. The "capture only by pushing" option is a great way to record only the comment or communication you want with a push-to-talk feature. If you"re recording multiplayer online games, you"ll probably want to set the same key as your game"s push-to-talk button. Step Four: Hide the FPS, Overlay " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> Fraps is mainly one frame per second monitor, and the FPS playback will record with the default Fraps video. To remove the video counter, click on the "FPS" tab, then select "hide overlay on the right side of the window. This step is optional, but the FPS counter tends to be distracting if you post a video on the web. Step 5: Start recording Once you have chosen the options above, just start your game and press your shortcut to capture to start recording. Press again to stop and create the video file, which will be saved to the output folder you have chosen. Rinse and repeat as many times as you want to create multiple files, or just start and stop at the start and end of your game for a long video. " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> Keep in mind that Fraps will only save the game window , not the rest of your Windows desktop. If your monitor resolution is higher than 1920 × 1080 (or if you use a 4: 3, 3: 2, 21: 9 or 16:10 aspect ratio which may not look good on web video), you can adjust the game resolution in its settings menu for better video results. 1920 × 1080or 1280 × 720 are preferred for clean, less video playback on most devices. If for some reason you cannot set your screen or monitor to a non-native resolution, try running the game in windowed mode - Fraps will still only record the game footage, not your desktop. Fraps Can Also take screenshots You can easily take a screenshot at any time in Windows 8 and Windows 10 with the command Win + Print Screen (they will be saved in the Images / Screenshots folder). And, many games and overlays like Steam also offer a custom screen capture solution (the default shortcut in Steam games is F12). But Fraps" screenshots tab has a custom save button, an option to show or hide the frame rate overlay, and a "repeat screenshot" option that lets you to select a custom interval. This last part is quite practical if you want this perfect screenshot without having to constantly overwrite the button: set it low for more images or high for less. Automatic recording stops once the button is pressed again. So if you are already using Fraps for recordingstrement games, you can also view its screenshot settings.