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How to watch FXNow without cable

Computer science   2020-06-20 15:52:55

" style = "max- height : 400px; max-width: 99%; "> FXNow FXNow is an impressive streaming service that offers most FX on demand. But this requires an expensive cable subion. So how can you get FXNow cheaper? Subscribe to a cheaper streaming TV service. Before we start, let"s clarify something. Streaming television services are live, withs advertisements and everything. But the TV streaming services listed in this article also offer access to FXNow, a streaming website that offers FX programming on demand (at no additional cost). You cannot get FXNow without a television service, even if it is only live television broadcast over the Internet. The fact is that streaming TV services are expensive. So let"s see what each one brings to the table and if they"re worth it. And we"ll cover some cheaper FX viewing options, in case you"re not into the streaming TV stuff. The best service: YouTube TV ($ 50 / month) " style = "max- height : 400px; max-width: 99%; "> YouTube TV If you are going to subscribe to a TV streaming service for FXNow, you should check out YouTube TV first. Our Review Geek testers found that YouTube TV is by far the best streaming TV service . It is a bit expensive, but it is packed with 60 network channels (including some local channels), unlimited DVR recording (you can keep recordings for nine months) and it has a great interface for getting started. The only obvious drawback is that YouTube TV does not have a complete modulentaire HBO (it has Showtime and Starz This is not a problem for everyone, but it should be kept in mind. RELATED: The best live tv service on the web for you The inexpensive option: Sling Blue ($ 25 / month) Sling The cheapest way to get FXNow without a cable is to subscribe to Blue plan . With the Blue plan, you have access to FX and 43 other channels. For $ 25 a month, Sling is a serious competitor. But you get what you pay for. The Sling interface is (subjectively) awful compared to any other streaming TV service, and you have to pay extra to get DVR functionality and additional channels. Ideal for exclusive on demand: Hulu with Live TV ($ 45 / month) Hulu Hulu with Live TV is, in many ways, comparable to YouTube TV. It has a good interface and a variety of channels. It also comes with some streaming options on demand, in case FXNow access isn"t enough for you. The only serious downside to Hulu with Live TV is that it limits your DVR to 50 hours. not expire, however, and you can deposit additional money to increase the size of your DVR. Tons of channels: Fubo TV ($ 55 / month) " style = "max- height: 400px; max- width: 99%; "> Fubo TV If you want a ridiculous number of channels in addition to accessing FXNow, then check out Fubo TV Its $ 55 package includes 95 channels, including a fairly decent selection of sports and children"s networks. But, like Sling, the Fubo TV interface is a bit strange. channel updates (sports plus, AMC, NBA pass, etc.) are quite expensive expensive . Top it all off, the Fubo TV DVR is limited to 30 hours (you can get 500 hwith an upgrade of $ 10), although it keeps the records forever. For sports fans: DirecTV NOW ($ 50 / month) " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> DirecTV NOW If you like sports channels, HBO, and FX, then you should consider subscribe to DirecTV NOW . It"s not the absolute best service, but it could be worth $ 50 for chsingle seniors. DirecTV NOW"s $ 50 basic plan includes a ton of sports, HBO, FX, FXX and a handful of other popular networks. But, its DVR tops out at 8 p.m. (recordings last 30 days), its interface is a bit funky, and its programming levels and upgrades are complicated to understand (DirecTV is a cable company, after all). Works with PS4: PlayStation Vue ($ 50 / month) PlayStation Vue For 50 $, you get 50 channels, as well as access to FXNow, HBO NOW, WATCH ESPN and FOX Sports GO. This is PlayStation Vue in short. The Vue interface is pretty decent, especially on a PS4. According to the Vue website , subscribers get "a lot of storage space [DVR]. Specifically, they can record 500 program episodes and can keep their recordings for 28 days. Compared to other serces is not too bad. FX Shows Without a TV Subion Streaming If you"re not ready to spend around $ 50 to get your FX correction, you may want to watch some streaming services basic. All the main ones have at least a few FX shows (none have everything as it willdefeats the purpose of FXNow). Here are the main subion streaming services and some of the FX shows they offer subscribers: Hulu (without live TV) : Of all the basic streaming services, Hulu has the most FX shows. Hulu subscribers can watch Atlanta, Snowfall, American Horror Story, The Shield, Rescue Me, Baskets, Sons of Anarchy, It "s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and a bunch of other shows. In addition, Disney (which owns FX) plans to add more of FX shows in Hulu soon. Netflix : There aren"t too many FX shows on Netflix. You get American Crime Story, American Horror Story, and it"s the only basic streaming service that has POSE. : you get a decent number of FX shows . Namely American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Legion, The Americans and Justified. Disney + (November 2019) : He owns FX, but not all FX shows will be on Disney +. Supposedly , he plans to push most of his FX content to Hulu (which he also owns).nt on Disney + at the start of service in November. "style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> VUDU If one of your favorite FX shows is not available on subion streaming services, you may have to pay for each episode. Here are your options: Google Play : He has a solid collection of FX shows , like American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Snowfall, Archer, Baskets, Louie, It"s always nice in Philadelphia, POSE and Atlanta. VUDU : There is a decent collection of FX shows here. You can buy POSE, American Horror Story, Snowfall, Archer, Atlanta, Sons of Anarchy, The Simpsons (a few seasons), It "s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and a few others (VUDU does not have a complete list of its FX offers). iTunes : Unfortunately, there is a fairly thin collection of shows FX here. Namely, American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy.