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Keyboard shortcuts for Hulu: a cheat sheet

Computer science   2020-06-20 14:08:37

" style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> Tired of accidentally rewinding your favorite show or Having trouble navigating the minimalist Hulu interface? Use these handy keyboard shortcuts to control playback and find the content you want without the hassle or delay. These keyboard shortcuts work on any operating system with a keyboard, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. They both work on the Hulu and in the Hulu app. Unfortunately, Hulu will not allow you to customize these keyboard shortcuts. Reading Open the player controls, then select the following interface option: Tab Select the previous interface option: Shift + Tab Select the current option: Enter Increase the volume: up or to the right (when the volume bar is selected) Decrease the volume: down or towards left (when volume bar is selected) Fast forward: up or Right (when playbar is selected) Rewind: Bottom or left (when the play bar is selected) Pause: Space Reduce in image in the picture: Escape Toggle full screen: F Navigation Go to the following link: tab Go to the previous link: Shift + Tab Go to the following section: Space Select the current link: Enter Scroll Up / Down: Up and down By learning with user-friendly controls, you can make browsing Hulu"s ever-growing content library even easier. . If you"re having trouble with keyboard shortcuts, try restarting Hulu, your browser, and your computer. If they still do not work properly, you can contact Hulu directly for help.