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What is AppleSpell and why does it work on my Mac?

Computer science   2020-06-20 14:44:52

You noticed something called AppleSpell when scrolling down the activity monitor . Does anyone cast an enchantment or a curse? No: this is the spelling checker in macOS. This article is part of our current series explaining various processes found in the activity monitor, such as kernel_task , hidd , mdsworker , installd , WindowServer , blued , launchd , backup , opendirectoryd and many others . You don"t know what these services are? Better start reading! RELATED: What is this process and why is it running on my Mac? Today"s process, AppleSpell, is responsible for system-wide spell checking on macOS. Most applications, both internal and third-party, use the built-in spell checker to show you when a word is misspelled. The only major exception I can think of is the Microsoft Office application suite, which has its own spelling and grammar checker. This means that almost all the applications in which you type text use AppleSpell regularly, so it is only natural that this process should be performed in permanence. It also tends to be light on system resources, although some people have reported high usage. If you see this type of use, disabling automatic correction can help. First, you can also try to manually restart AppleSpell with the following Terminal command: killall AppleSpell For the most part, however, AppleSpell is a process you don"t really don"t need to think - magic sounding name aside. Spelling mistakes are embracing, after all. Better to avoid them if you want to be taken seriously.