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What is Broadcast DVR Server and why does it work on my PC?

Computer science   2020-06-20 16:01:19

" style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> Look in the Task Manager on Windows 10 and you can see one or more "Broadcast DVR server " running process. These processes have the filename bcastdvr.exe and are part of the Windows 10 operating system> RELATED: What is this process and why is it running on my PC? This article is aboutie from our current series explaining various processes found in Task Manager, such as Runtime Broker , svchost.exe , dwm. exe , ctfmon.exe , rundll32.exe , Adobe_Updater.exe , and many others . You don"t know what these services are? Better start reading! What is Broadcast DVR Server? " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; " > The functionion Game DVR on Windows 10 allows you to record your gameplay on PC. You can either automatically save all PC games in the background (like on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4), choose to start and stop recording via the game bar , or broadcast your gameplay online with Microsoft"s Beam service > RELATED: How to Record Gameplay on PC with Windows 10 Game DVR and Gamebar The process of broadcasting the DVR server is associated with the Game DVR function of Windows 10. If you use Game DVR to record the gameplay of your PC or broadcast it online, the bcastdvr.exe process does the job . If you don"t use Game DVR for recording, this process takes place silently in the background and does nothing> Why does it use so much CPU and memory? " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; "> If you see the process of the Broadcast DVR server use a significant amount of CPU or memory in the background, it is likely to record your gameplay. This can happen for one of two reasons: you manually chose to start recording gameplay from the Windows 10 game bar, or you set up Game DVR to automatically record your gameplay in the background. This can reduce your performance bygame because recording requires system resources> To prevent this, go to p> p> Game DVR. Disable "Save in background while I play a game " and the Broadcast DVR server n "will not use system resources to record anything, unless you manually choose to start recording from the game bar> Can I deactivate it? RELATED: How to turn off the Windows 10 DVR (and game bar) There is no harm in leaving this process going. It will not use system resources unless you are actively registering. However, you can disable this process, assuming that you don"t need the Game Bar or Game DVR functions. Just disable the game DVR and the game bar > First, go to p> p> Game DVR and turn off background recording. while I’m playing a game "> Next, go to p> p> Game bar and turn off " Save game clips, screenshots and broadcast using the game bar "> We noticed that Windows did not immediately terminate the Broadcast DVR server processes on our system. However, after logging out and logging back in, they are gone. Windows will restart services if you reactivate the game bar or the functionality of the game DVR> Is this a virus? We have not seen any reports of malware spoofing the identity of the server Broadcast DVR or the bcastdvr.exe process> To verify that the real and legitimate Broadcast DVR process is running, click on it with the bUse the right mouse button in Task Manager and select the command "Open file location "> " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; " > You should see a file explorer window open on the C: Windows System32 directory with the bcastdvr.exe file selected> If it opens in another folder or sh ows a file with a different file name, you may have malwareant usurping the identity of this process> " style = "max- height: 400px; max-width: 99%; " > RELATED: What is the best antivirus for Windows 10? (Is Windows Defender enough?) Of course, if you"re concerned about malware, you should run a scan with your preferred antivirus program for your safety. It will examine your system to detect logdangerous here and delete everything he finds>