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What is installd and why is it running on my Mac?

Computer science   2020-06-20 13:45:05

You can hear fans of your Mac running, so you check the activity monitor . It turns out that something called "installd " takes up a lot of CPU power. What"s going on? RELATED: What is this process and why is it running on my Mac? This article is part of our current series explaining dito processes found in Activity Monitor, such as kernel_task , hidd , mdsworker and many others . You don"t know what these services are? Better start reading! Basically, your Mac installs, updates, or removes a program. The "installd" process, like most processes with an "d" at the end, is a daemon, which means that it runs in the background and manages system functions. This particular daemon manages the installation and update of applications available in the Mac App Store, as well as updates to the operating system itself. If you recently clicked "Install " in the Mac App Store, you will see installd running. The same applies if you have uninstalled a Mac application downloaded from the Store: installd also manages the removal of these applications. If you have not installed or removed all applicationsns, installd is probably running due to an update. If you want to see what"s updated, you can go to the Mac App Store, then to the "Updates " tab. You will see a list of the updates being processed. Most of the time, installd will finish the job after a few minutes. The only real exception is when Apple updates a bunch of grboth applications - the iWork suite, for example. When this happens, installd may run for a while. The length of time depends on the speed of your processor and hard drive, but on a modern Mac, installd probably shouldn"t continue to run for more than about ten minutes. By default, these updates are installed automatically, if you don"t like that, you can check which updates are installed when in System Preferences in the App Store . We do not recommend disabling automatic updates, however: they are essential for protecting your Mac from malware and other potential issues. If you absolutely must disable them, you can see a count of pending updates by clicking on the Apple logo in your menu bar: the number of available updates will be listed next to the words "App Store." Make sure to update regularly. "style = " max- height: 400px; max-width : 99%; "> If you prefer not to launch the App Store to install items, you can update the Mac software App Store from the terminal . It"s much faster and just plain cool. It"s easier to keep automatic updates going: that way you don"t forget to install them. But if you want to control, you have options.