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Apple's new mac mini is killing my hackintosh

Culture   2021-01-02 15:25:16

Apple"s M1 chip is hailed as a leap forward for Macs. But it"s the death of my Hackintosh. Apple One of my favorite nerdy hobbies is the end, whether I like it or not. is Apple error . In 2016, I was frustrated that Apple didn "t update its Mac Mini , iMac or Mac Pro for at least a year. The company pumped new iPhones , iPad , AirPods and MacBooks at a steady rate, and I " ve had at least one of each. But desktop Macs weren"t getting not the same attention. I wanted a low cost all-rounder that I could count onto work and play for several years. But if I reduced the starting price of $ 499 that Apple wanted for its Mac Mini computers at the time, I would pay the full amount for a machine whose innards were more than two years old. Not OK. So I decided to do one of the most complicated things a tech-savvy Apple user can do: I built a PC . Apple Report Stay up to date with the latest news, reviews, and tips on iPhones, iPads, Macs, services and software. I bought all the parts I needed including a storage drive, system memory and a graphics card . Then I themhave gathered in a rather generic case. Then I cheated on the MacOS to power it on. The project cost around $ 800, many nights squinting at the computer code and a few frustrated taps on my keyboard, but eventually I did. Apple "s $ 699 Mac Mini M1 is a low cost machine with surprisingly fast chips . Dan Ackerman / I had transformed my DIY computer in Hackintosh . This is not something Apple supports, and it may violate the MacOS software license terms. (Apple declined to comment for this article.) But the result was that I had a desktop Mac computer on my terms. I had fought against Apple. Plus, I felt like a winner. During the day I would move between my MacBook Air and nd Hackintosh for work, using all the specialized Mac software that I got used to track my to-do lists , manage my calendars, and find smart GIFs to use in jokes. At night, I switched the Hackintosh to Microsoft " s Windows, which powers over 73% of the world"s computers. "one of the only ways to play virtual reality games like Valve"s sci-fi shooter Half-Life: Alyx , which GameSpot"s sister site has just named game of the year for2020. And if a component, like the video card, just doesn"t do enough, I"m able to upgrade the machine with little hassle. Nerd paradise. Unfortunately, everything changed last summer when the CEO of Apple Tim Cook walked into his company"s live virtual stage and sa id Macs have changed forever . Their microprocessor b rains, formerly made by the chipmaker Intel , have been updatedplaced by Apple instead, custom M1 chips . Apple sa id it does this because the technology behind its iPhones and iPads is better suited to Mac computers than the Intel processors that Apple has been using to power Macs since 2006. Des Progress of this magnitude come only from bold changes,Cook sa id when announces the sale of the first devices equipped with Apple "s M1 technology in November . Readre in progress: Look at this: The new Mac M1 are a huge change for Apple 5 : 51 These first Mac M1 were the MacBook Air, a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a Mac Mini , and each of them received good reviews from reviewers. Review Dan Acker the man says that they perform much better than their predecessors , even outperforming Intel Macs launched earlier in 2020. Unfortunately for me and many other hackintoshers, you can Don "t buy Apple M1 chips by yourself. Which means I can"t insert them into my computerr and trick Apple"s macOS software to run on it. Apple"s M1 chip means big changes MacBook Air M1 review: big changes compared to Apple silicon and Big Sur Apple redesign Mac computers, and it takes control to do it Apple"s M1 processor highlights the challenges of Intel "s chips Apple sa id its transition away from Intel would take around two years. A few years later, the company is expected to stop upgrading software for Macs with Intel. At this point, my Hackintosh dream will be officially over. Apple "s notorious for the control over their devices . You cannot download any iPhone or iPad apps unless you go through this Apple"s App Store, where every program is reviewed by the company before it is released for download. It"s no surprise Apple would also put an even greater grip narrow on his computers. But I"m still sad to see the Hackintoshes disappear. So I decided to build one last hurray. The brightest fake Apple I can find. A hobby and a workaholic Hackers take actionner MacOS on PCs with Intel and AMD processors inspired by Intel for over a decade. It has become much easier to create a Hackintosh over the past few years. This is mainly thanks to better hacking tools and active communities full of people who love to help. Some even write step-by-step guides with lists of parts you can buy, how to set them up and what to do when they don"t work. One of the people The posts I relied on are Mykola Grymalyuk , a 20 year old student studying in informatick (what else?) in Canada. He was entered into Hackintoshing through his stepfather, who had one of his own. At one point, Grymalyuk found himself recovering from a medical episode, with plenty of free time. I was constantly in a hospital bed, I couldn"t really walk a lot, I couldn"t" I don"t do much, and I felt a bit without value,Grymalyuk sa id. But the Hackintosh community has given me something to do. He noticed that there weren"t a lot of up-to-date or complete guides to help people build Hackintoshes, so he decided to write some of the his own. At first he created a list of video cards that worked best with Apple software. Then he wrote about how to modify songs on your computer to make everything work better. And most useful to me , it created step-by-step guides to help you understand the applications and processes you need to go through to initially set up a Hackintosh . He just took a spiral from there, he says. Earlier this year he put his work together in a website that "he co-founded called Dortania . It is named after a flower so obscure that he hoped it would mean the website could easily pull up to the top link at Google (it " s the case). The site does notent no ads and he does not ask for money . He encourages people to donate to Crohn"s and Colitis Canada . Building a custom PC has advantages, such as the ability to customize memory and graphics. and it"s scalable. Andrew Hoyle / As much Grymalyuk likes branchr his Hackintosh how-to guides, he knows Apple"s M1 chips mean it"s all going to end in about five years. By then, he expects all Macs and Mac apps to have gone to Apple"s chips. At this point, Apple will likely start phasing out software updates for Intel computers, as it will no longer sell them anyway. As a self-proclaimed fan of Apple products, Grymalyuk sa id he recently started helping people run older Mac software on newer computers and helping others. people running new Apple software on older Mac computers. His dream is to channel all this knowledge into writing documentation for other technology products. He wants to help people understand the details of what makes their computers work, whether they were made by Apple or not. I want to teacher, not just getting to the end result,he sa id. I want people to maintain their machines. When you know what breaks, how it breaks and what to fix, you feel like, "Wow, I can take care of this machine on my own. I don "t need any outside help. " My last Hackintosh It may be a lot uglier than a Mac, but it runs Apple software. Ian Sherr I was inspired to build my latest Hackintosh because of the M1 Macs. I decided to create a machine with the latest microprocessor brains and more than twotimes more storage than the 1 terabyte I am using today. I have also chosen an AMD graphics card similar to that of the latest Mac Pro computers, to ensure that it will work more smoothly with MacOS. I wanted to make sure that this machine will meet my needs for at least the next few years. If I am stuck, I am grateful to have the Hackintoshers community to help me fix any bugs I come across. Websites like Grymalyuk "s Dortania, Reddit "s Hackintosh community and tonymacx86 are still popular. The same goes for YouTube channels such as Snazzy Labs , which deals with hackintosh from time to time Some of these communities even saw spikes in interest when Apple released its first M1 computers in November - in part because people are curious about how hackintoshers prepare when MacOS no longer runs on Intel chips. There is still a global community of active hackers," Tonymacx86 sa id. The person behind the username and website prefers to remain anonymous to avoid overzealous fans and detractors. Tonymacx86 says that after Apple cuts Hackintoshes completely, websites and guides will likely be redesigned astributes to the more than a decade that people have spent building these Frankenstein-esque machines. They will also likely become support communities for people who keep their computers on past the time they can get software updates from Apple. I"ll probably get hacked by this point though. I know that one day I will not be able to keep the machine I just built to run properly under MacOS. When that time comes, I"ll either have to rely more on the Mac laptops I own or buy a new desktop from Apple. I hope that by then Apple computers will no longer be as disappointing as when I started.