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Miniature Schnauzer howls like a wolf in the night

Dog   2020-07-26 04:04:48

This Miniature Schnauzer appears to be embracing his connection to the wolf as he howls through the night. The little fellow runs around the room, howling as he hears it, raising his head as if he is indeed, a weeping wolf on the full moon. And we are not surprised, Miniature Schnauzers shave known to be home and family oriented , as well as making excellent guard dogs. This guy is definitely on the prowl. Check it out. He really lets it all hang out. It almost looks like a perfect "AROOOOOOO! " Why do dogs howl? Howling is a primary reaction, and dogs howl for a number of specific reasons in trying to communicate with you and other dogs around them. More or less, it"s just a dog thing. Find out why dogs howl, here . And while this miniature schnauzer is singing out loud, we have another little puppy named Chumpie who is basically training for a marathon, what do we mean by that? You just have to watch the video to find out. See what we mean now? Chumpie tests his speed and stamina as he flies, circling around the garden. Thispuppy is running faster than we probably ever could and at the rate he is going we bet he could be running any type of run in no time. This high-speed race is often affectionately referred to as "Zoomies, although many owners have different names." Why do dogs leave in such a rush like this? Found, here . Want to put your dog"s zoom energy to good use? You may want to consider a sport that you can play together, such as obedience or agility . These different sports help you bond with your dog and give your puppy the opportunity to let go and spend all that energy! Sounds like the best of both worlds? We think so! Discover the wonderful world of obedience in the video below.