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Stardew Valley and the Story of the Hidden Alien in the Title Screen

Games   2020-12-31 18:26:28

Stardew Valley need not be introduced. Since its launch in February 2016, the title has made a lasting impression on our PCs, consoles and smartphones because of its very long lifespan. And precisely, did you know that an alien was hiding in the title screen? If it had to be presented in a few words, we could say that Stardew Valley is the worthy successor of Harvest Moon. YouTube credit The story seems pretty basic at first glance "eye. Following the death of our grandfather, we inherited a farm and it is our mission to renovate and develop it. Stardew Valley, an extraordinary title How? As we understand it. Players will be able to invest in livestock or develop crops, but they will also have the possibilityto go into crafts and make alcohol or even cheese. The end goal, of course, is to make as much money as possible so that you can make a decent living. But to summarize Stardew Valley as a simple game of management would be a big mistake. The title also offers a lot of RPG-oriented components. The skills of the character will evolve depending on what you do with it. The more you harvest, the more skills you will develop to optimize your harvests. The same goes for fishing, crafting or even ... fighting. Because if you wish, you can also embark on the exploration of an old mine, a mine that will allow you to harvest minerals and gems, but also to face hordes of creatures not always convenient. An easter egg that nobody had found yet And that, of course, that"s not to mention your relationship. Stardew Valley isn"t just about your farm and your personnage. There are also other inhabitants, inhabitants with whom you will be able to form good relations, but who will also entrust you with quests. In short, you will no doubt have understood, the title of ConcernedApe is much more complex than you might think. And all his secrets have of course not been revealed yet. Proof of this is, even as he has just blown out his fourth candle, we have just learned the existence of an easter egg hidden on its title screen ... an easter egg taking the form of an alien. To make it appear, nothing complicated, just click or tap six times on the “E" of “Stardew". Once the tenth click or tap is registered, the letter will open like a door and it will reveal a green alien with yellow pants. An alien that will then gradually disappear, as it had appeared. SoOf course, in fact, this easter egg does not change anything, but it at least has the merit of proving that we are still far from knowing everything about Stardew Valley. Here, besides, know that its developer has just deployed version 1.5 on PC .