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Installing Debian 10 Buster in dual boot with Windows 10: the complete guide

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The Debian Linux distribution rather intended for advanced users can install alongside Windows 10 . The fact of installing several operating systems on the same PC is called Dual-Boot. It is then quite possible to install Linux Debian alongside Windows 10 on your PC . This article guides you step by step to install Debian in dual-boot with Windows 10 . It will be with the version 10 is therefore Buster . Table of contents 1 Install Debian in dual-boot with Windows 10 1.1 Prepare the disk partition to install Debian 1.2 Create the Debian installation USB key 1.2. 1 Download Debian ISOs 1.2.2 Create a Debian installation USB stick with Unetbootin 1.3 Boot the PC on the Debian installation USB stick 1.4 Partition your disk to install Debian in Dual-boot 1.5 APT configuration and software installation 1.6 Install the GRUB boot loader in dual-boot 2 First boot on Debian / Windows 10 Dual-Boot 3 Links 4 Install Debian in dual-boot with Windows 10 Prepare the disk partition to install Debian First, on prepare the disk to install Debian on it. In this example we only have one disk with Windows 10 installed. It is then possible to reduce the System partition of Windows 10 to then create the disk partition destined for Debian. Of course, this should be adapted according to your storage configuration. Think carefully before touching the disk partitions. Before you touch anything, do a saudata protection . This is because if the hard drive encounters hardware problems, your data is in danger as it can fail at any time. Open Windows 10 Disk Management . For example by right-clicking on the Windows 10 Start menu then Disk Management. Windows disk management So we have our disk 1 with the EFI system partition, C system partition and finally recovery partition. We will reduce the size of C partition to create 15G of free space The e-systemxploitation Linux Debian uses approximately 11 GB of disk space when you install the base system by default. Do a right click on the C partition then shrink the volume In amount of space to reduce , enter 15 GB. If you have a larger diskt, you can give more space to the Debian disk partition. Validate by entry and Windows 10 disk management does the remainder to create unallocated space. For more complex cases, follow this full article: How to resize, enlarge, shrink disk partitions on Windows Well done! you have successfully re-partitioned and resized your disk to install Debian in Dual-Boot with Windows 10. Create the Debian installation USB key Download Debian ISOs There are several methods to create the Debian installation USB key. with UNetbootin : the tool downloads the ISO and creates the USB key From the " site : you download the ISO and you create the USB key with the tool of your choice. can then download in HTTP or BiTTorent . Debian provides two types of ISO: NetInstall : This is the "installation by internet. This is a lightweight 330 MB ISO file. This is used to initiate the installation and the installation of software will be done over the Internet. The ISO is of the form debian-10.0.0-amd64-netinst.iso. Full image : This last contains all software available in the distro. To be used if your PC does not have an internet connection. The site provides ISO files and Debian images to create the USB key with your bootable USB key creation software preferred. Download Debian ISO version 10 (Buster) Create a USB installer keyion Debian with Unetbootin But for beginners, you can use Unetbootin which downloads the ISO automatically and then creates the USB key for installation. Download UNetbootin At the top in distribution , select Debian Then the Debian version, in general you have to choose stable_netinstall_x64 Finally at the bottom, select the USB drive then click click OK. The bootable USB stick is created. As an alternative, you also have the Universal USB Installer . More tools on the page: How to create a bootable USB stick In particular you can use Rufus which is very simple because it allows you to choose between a UEFI BIOS or MBR . Create a bootable USB stick with Rufus Well done! you have successfully created the installation key to install Debian in Dual- Boot with Windows 10. Start the PC on the Debian installation USB key Once the Debian USB key is ready, you must boot your PC on it. We then speak of booting on the USB key Debian installation To do this, follow the article: How to start the computer on a USB stick We then arrive on the Debian start menu Choose Graphical Install All the steps for installing Debian are described in this article. The only difference is in the disk partitioning . Indeed, you must indicate on which disk partition install Debian. Installing Linux Debian: The Complete Guide Here is an outline of the steps to follow: Language, keyboard and network settings Create user accounts Disk discovery and partitioning Install base system choose and install add-on software Install GRUB boot loader Complete the installation Partitioning his disk to install Debian in Dual-boot It is when partitioning disks that you have to be careful and take your time. You arrive on the next page where you have to choose " Use the largest available space ". Then we suggest you separate the / home (user folder) from the partitsystem ion (the /). The advantage of this is that if you need to reinstall Debian, you don"t lose your data The Debian installer offers partitioning . Here he used the free space created previously to place the disk partitions for our Dual-Boot: The root / in ext4 partition Then the swap partition The home partition This is exactly what we want, so we click on Continue Then we confirm the disk modifications by clicking on yes then Continue. The installation of the base system is carried out, let it happen and wait Well done! you have successfully partitioned your disk to install Debian in Dual-Boot with Windows 10. APT configuration and software installation Then we fall back on the classic use of Debian. It "s s " This involves configuring APT then installing the desired software . You are asked if you want to analyze the CD or DVD. If this is a netinstall, there is little point, answer no and continue " > Then you must indicate if you want to participate in the statistical study on the use of Debian software. Finally you have to choose the software to install. default Debian desktop environment is offered but you can add another or replace as you like. Finally the software installation takes place, there too, you have to wait Install the GRUB bootloader in dual-boot We arrive at the last step of the installation of the Debian Dual-Boot, Windows 10: the installation of the GRUB boot loader. Debian installer detects another operating system, here it indicates Windows Vista whereas it is Windows 10 Then you have to choose theThe disk where to install the GRUB boot program. Here I only have one disc so the choice is easy. As a reminder: / dev / sda = First disk / dev / sdb = Second disk L "article explains the nomenclature of disks and disk partitions on Linux: Disk partitions on Linux Then the installation of GRUB takes place From there the installation of our dual-boot Debian and Windows 10 is complete. Linux Debian is installed on your PC and GRUB is the boot loader. Well done! The GRUB boot loader is now installed in Debian Dual-boot with Windows 10 . First boot on the Debian / Windows 10 Dual-Boot When you start your PC, you come across this GNU GRUB menu with: Debian GN / Linux for start the PC on Debian Debian advanced options with the choice of Linux kernel and recovery mode (recovery options ) the Windows 10 menu to start the PC on Windows 10 Thus the Dual-Boot is ffunctional since you can boot on one of the two OS. Debian and Windows are installed next to each other on the same PC. When the we boot from the PC on Debian, we can then access the folders of system partition C of Windows 10 . Well done! you have successfully installed Debian in Dual-boot with Windows 10. Links Installing Linux Debian: The Complete Guide Repairing Debian in rescue and recovery mode Dual-boot: install two versions of Windows on one PC Dual-boot: Remove Grub to restore Windows at startup Grub: Repair Ubuntu and Windows 10 Dual-boot You found this article useful and interesting, do not hesitate to share it ... Installing Debian 10 (Buster) in dual-boot with Windows 10: the complete guide