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International Marketing - Tasks

International Marketing Tutorial   2020-11-21 22:37:15

Activities that take place on a marketing platform that has recently been created outside the home country or the home country are called international marketing tasks . These tasks include the following - Observe and recognize customer buying behavior. Adapt to changing market trends. Identify competitors and acquire the necessary information about them. Acquire product knowledge. Carry out a political, economic, social and technological analysis, that is to say a PEST analysis . Practice SWOT Analysis Choose the right promotional mix: Price, Promotion, Advertising, etc. Outcome of a marketing plan The outcome of a marketing plan is affected by certain uncontrollable elements. Theseelements include competition, culture, legal and government controls over the business. These elements cannot be controlled by marketers, so they have to adapt to them and also learn how to deal with them. The only way to deal with uncontrollable elements is to design an effective framework to mold the elements controllable - price, product, promotion and location (distribution). The basic marketing concepts are the same for both domestic and international markets. The marketing environment is extremely important, as the the environment changes from country to country.