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Before / After Naruto: The Evolution of 25 Characters from Naruto to Boruto

Mangas / Comics   2020-11-04 20:56:07

The characters of Naruto have changed a lot from their first appearance until the series Boruto. After introducing you to The Evolution of One Piece Characters , today discover the physical and graphic evolution of characters from Naruto to Boruto. Pub slot: incontent_ad -> The Evolution of Naruto Characters Since the first episodes of Naruto started airing over 20 years ago , until the Boruto episodes aired today, the characters of the universe have evolved physically and graphically. In our before / after of the day, we invite you to discover the evolution of the different characters of the universe of Naruto. You you may never have realized these enormous developments. Naruto Sasuke Kakashi Sakura Gaara Hinata Shikamaru Tsunade Rock Lee Gaï Maito Tenten Pub slot: incontent_ad3 -> Shino Aburame Ino Yamanaka Suigetsu Temari Saï Kiba Inuzuka Pub slot: incontent_ad4 -> Orochimaru Konohamaru Killer B Karin Kankuro " > Jûgo Pub slot: incontent_ad5 -> Chôji Akimichi Iruka Umino So much for this new before / after, if you want to prolong the pleasure, discover our last before / after dedicated to the "evolution of the characters of One Piece . Pub slot: incontent_ad6 ->