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Top 10 smartest anime characters

Mangas / Comics   2021-02-17 18:32:56

Some archetypes come up often in anime, and the hyper-intelligent character is no exception. Little genius, accomplished strategist, well of knowledge… there are many different versions! Their strengths lie in their capacity for analysis, their quick wit and the responsiveness of their brain. By the time you finish the first side of your Rubik "s Cube, they"ve already foiled a plan to destroy humanity. While waiting to surpass them, we let you train with our last quiz ! # 10. meruem - hunter x hunter We start off strong, with a character whose intelligence is matched only by his formidable power. Meruem appears in Hunter X Hunter during the Kimera arc ants (ants-chimaera), an extremely dangerous life form characterized by ultra-fast adaptability and evolutionary capacity. They reproduce by eating any life form and gaining its characteristics, this which explains the great variety of individuals among them. Meruem is the result of the assimilation by the queen of the chimera ants of a large quantity of "quality " humans. Although violent and bloodthirsty at birth, Meurem becomes much more relaxed in contact with humans. In the company of Komugi - an exceptional player of gungi, a board game created bythe author and taking inspiration from the shogi - he will train himself to master the art of gungi. In just a few games, he reached a level close to that of the best players in the world. His analytical mind made him a combat genius. His intelligence led him to question himself on philosophical issues, and in this sense brought him closer to humans, despite his monstrous nature. # 9. saiki kusuo - Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan Saiki Kusuo is a young high school teenager who possesses psychic powers. He masters telekinesis and telepathy, among other things. The antennae he wears on his head serve to limit his abilities : in fact, Saiki Kasuo does not wish to reveal them to his comrades. Rather solitary, he prefers to go unnoticed and lead a mundane life. He is also able to change sex, with a two-hour transformation. Saiki "s intelligence There is no doubt that Kusuo is sa id to have been caught speaking only a few weeks after his birth and is forced to hide his abilities in class so as not to arouse suspicion. His gift of premonition allows him to see the future. and got him to predict the destruction of Japan 4 years ahead! To prevent this happening, he will go back in time as many times as necessary, while working his powers and making the situation the most normal possible in the eyes of other students. # 8. ranpo edogawa - bungô stray dogs Ranpo Edogawa is a renowned detective, member of the Armed Detective Agency, whose the mission is to elucidate the "supernatural " crimes, deemed too difficult for the military police. This unit is made up of investigators who are themselves power holderss. He is considered by his peers and himself to be "the best detective in the world ". This title is all the more deserved as it does not have any special abilities, unlike his comrades. This does not prevent him from claiming a "power " that would allow him to solve any mystery in a few seconds. Even though he is hiding behind this alleged gift, there is no doubt that he has a great deductive intelligence. # 7. Norman - the promised neverland Norman lives in Grace Field - a premium livestock farm in orphanage makeup whose goal is to produce "human meat " for mysterious demons - along with the other orphaned children. children, it is considered coeven the brightest, regularly obtaining the maximum score in the intelligence and logic tests they are subjected to daily. From the first chapter of the manga, he is presented as a "genius " . He is at the origin of a plan of escape from Grace Field which will allow his congeners to leave, but will sacrifice himself for them. Locked in an experimental farm, he will succeed in s "escape, cause its destruction and gather the living humans in a sanctuary. Norman is an outstanding strategist and possesses an exceptional capacity for anticipation. # 6. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji - Classroom of the elite Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is a student of Kodo Ikusei High School, considered to be the best educational institution in Japan avec an admission rate of 100% in the grandes ecoles and jobs upon leaving. Special feature: students receive points upon arrival, which can be used as currency within the school. The best students are treated well while the worst suffer the injustices of the elites. During the entrance exams, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji responds to in order to obtain exactly 50 points and integrate class D , devoted to "inferior " pupils and regularly subjected to mockery. A fine strategist, he also possesses exceptional analytical skills that he will use class D to raise his level, without taking the credit for it. An intelligent and altruistic character! # 5. Ray - the promised neverland Ray does part oftrio of Grace Field"s best students, along with Norman and Emma. He has a gargantuan memory and is considered by his peers to be a "living encyclopedia ". His knowledge of the outside world makes him an indisputable asset to the group of children who aim to overthrow the order of demons and join Earth. At 12 years old, Ray had already read all of the orphanage books - a goal he has set for himself. He can also decipher and speak Morse code. Among the children, he is the only one who learns the truth about Grace Field at the age of 6, and accordingly makes a deal with Isabella (their "nanny "), making him a mole. This status and the responsibilities it implies for aA child of this age testifies to his great intelligence and a certain maturity. # 4. light yagami - death note Light Yagami is a gifted high school student, particularly cold and insensitive. When he accidentally finds the Death Note and discovers the extent of its power, he decides to use it to "rid the world of criminals ". In doing so, he aspires to become some kind of god, whose judgment would make the world a better place. In a short time, his abuses attracted the press and the police, and were claimed under the pseudonym Kira. Japan will specially commission a certain " L ", considered the best detective in the world, simply to thwart his plans. Light Yagami himself will participate in the investigation supposed to unmask him and face "L " in one case.uel psychological and intellectual punctuated by twists and turns. He does not hesitate to manipulate and use his entourage to achieve his ends and direct the investigation in his direction. # 3. Senku ishigami - DR. STOne High school student Senku Ishigami wakes up after being petrified for 3,700 years. He and his friend Taiju Oki are living in a world where nature has reclaimed its rights, and in which almost all of humanity is still petrified as a result of a mysterious light appearing in the sky. Their goal is to bring humanity back to life and lift the veil on this event. Main character of the series, Senku Ishigami excels in many scientific fields and shows exceptional intelligence.e. After keeping his consciousness awake for 3,700 years - which is indeed an achievement - he will succeed in creating the Elixir of Depetrification in addition to many other remedies and tools. In this sense, he can be considered the savior of humanity, only by the strength of his gray matter! # 2. L Lawliet - death note When the Light Yagami murders become an international affair, L is called in to help determine who is behind the serial killer "Kira ". L will soon suspect Light of being at the origin of the murders, without succeeding in proving it. It largely competes with the intelligence of the latter, and in this sense constitutes a quite adequate rival. Unfortunately for readingi, his opponent had an important advantage - the Death Note in his possession as well as the support of the Shinigami named Rem, whom he manipulated to achieve his ends - which led to his near death. resolve the investigation. # 1. Lelouch lamperouge - code geass: lelouch of the rebellion This work takes place in a Japan colonized by the Britannia empire, called Area 11 and whose inhabitants - deprived of their nationality - are the Elevens. During an altercation between rebels and the British army, Lelouch discovers the existence of C.C, a young girl possessing an extremely powerful power: the Geass. Called the power of Kings, it allows Lelouch to impose his will on anyone who meets his gaze, "absolute obedience ". However, he cannotant use it only once on the same person. Ambitious to destroy the Empire of Britannia, he will use this power with meticulousness and strategy to achieve his ends. He will thus create a terrorist organization, the Order of the Black Knights, which he leads under the pseudonym of Zero. Despite his intelligence, he considers the majority of his allies as pawns who do not will only be used to achieve its final goal.