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Messaging matrix: how to keep the brand's message aligned model

Marketing   2020-11-02 01:59:44

Have you ever heard two very different people describe the same story, like a book or a movie? They"ve probably given you very different answers by based on their own preferences and experiences, isn"t it? That "s why it is important to perfect the strategy brand messaging. Because if your entire team isn"t aligned with your message, the same thing happens when two different people are portraying the same movie. All people when asked about the product give a different answer. This is particularly important for companies that have already started to develop their marketing team and evolve their marketing and content strategies. As you develop the marketing team, sales team, and other teams that communicate with your business audiencee, you add more people who share your brand"s core message daily. And if you don "t have a comprehensive messaging policy that aligns all of these people, the message ends up being submitted for their own translation . Also, think about all the other things you document as you grow your marketing team. You have probably documented your overall target marketing strategy , your target content strategy , your social media strategy , your customer journey , your brand voice , and more. But all of these things require messages. So it"s time to documentan email strategy to align everything. A messaging matrix allows you to do this. Email matrix: how to keep branded messaging aligned (template) by @thatbberg via @CoSchedule Click to tweet Download your easy to use messaging matrix template Keeping messaging aligned with your key figures is very easy with this template. Follow the advice in this article, then use this downloadable resource to put it into action: What is an email matrix? A matrix message is a simple graphic which summarizes and systematizes the positioning of your brand and the messaging so your content can better align with your core value proposition no matter what. He is involved in the methodologies like Six Sigma , but n " isn"t as prevalent in agile and more modern companies you might be working at (although you"re about to change that). Source: Think of it as a bridge between your buyer personas and your content strategy. In a graphic or document, it sums up the unique value proposition of your brand, what makes you unique from your competition and how that value should be communicated to different segments of your audience in different situations. It clearly communicates things like: The general positioning of the brand or its fundamental values ​​ The main customer profiles you are targeting The elements of your positioning that these characters are most interested in How you can treat your message accordingly Here is an example of what an email matrix might look like for a video conferencing tool: Image source: Pardot With all the information and context mapped to it Up front for your brand"s most important messages, your entire business has an easy map to turn to when they need to create or copy content. Obviouslynce, this saves time and trouble for marketers who have already figured this out individually for each landing page , blog post , or e-mail . But it "s even more useful when you are thinking about how it can work outside of the marketing team. Is someone in the sales or product area asking for your comments on writing "really fast", to make sure it sounds good? By making your messaging matrix and sample messages available company-wide, you can make your team"s expertise available as a quick reference. Why an email matrix is ​​essential for marketing teams Why an email matrix is it so important to marketing teams in fast growing companies? Can"t you just be sure thatwill everyone you work with "know the brand " and find the right messages to include for the content they are working on? In theory. But once you"ve been a marketer long enough, you know that marketing theory and marketing practices are two very different. So put your messaging matrix together: Ensure strategic messaging Don"t assume that everyone on your team is already familiar with the messages and brand positioning. Especially if you are working with an agency, consultants or freelancers , you need to make sure everyone has the same and most up-to-dateinformation on how to most effectively communicate with customers. This goes to-beyond the ability to write good copy, the core of understanding what customers need to hear at any given time. Create Consistency Across Teams As more and more functions of our businesses come online, more and more teams outside of Marketing need marketing help for content and copy . The sales team needs help with their sales platforms. The support team could use your advice for the knowledge base. Product, HR, the list goes on… To paraphrase Nora Ephron, “everything is contained". And having a messaging matrix available for your entire business makes it easy for everyone to create their own content. It trains other teams to do this and can help them become better people when you work with them. Simplify writing It "s easy to writes words. Writing informative words is more difficult. It"s hard to write informative words that persuade someone, tap into their emotion, and prompt them to take action that takes them further down the customer journey. So why force your team to do it more than once? To create truly compelling persuasive content , you need to understand this message. And if you don"t document it and save it for later, you need to figure it out every time you start a new project. But with a messaging matrix with specific weaknesses, features and results. with messages to go with them, you don"t start from scratch so often. When it"s time to write a new landing page targeted to a certain customer , you have messages ready to know you already will resonate. Aligns the entire customer journey Finally, a matriThis messaging can create alignment across the different deers of the customer journey . With content that increasingly supports this journey, it"s important that you can deliver a consistent post and experience, that someone reads a social media post targeted at the top funnel marketing or talking to a sales rep during a demo. And when everyone is working from the same guidelines and starting point when writing a copy, it happens much more often and easier. How to create your brand"s messaging matrix So you"re ready to build a messaging matrix and get your content more aligned with your brand"s most compelling positioning. How do you actually get started? Here"s a quick rundown: Step 1: Bring together the customer experience stakeholders First of all, you need to get the right people together in the same room. A messaging matrix needs to be informed with data and experience, based on actual leads and customers. It means people from services like marketing , sales , and support must all come together. And I"m not just talking about department heads either. While your managers may take the lead in strategy, your team members are the ones who talk and communicate the most with your audience. They will have crucial information for you. Step 2: Identify your brand"s core value proposition Once you have gathered the team members with the most information and data to About your customers, it"s time to identify the core value proposition, or what CoSchedule likes to call your core content : Your Value The proposition is not simply a deion of the product, service or mission of your company. It brings your offer and mission together in a way that succinctly identifies your customers" problem and why they need to be resolved now. This is your brand"s ultimate answer to "why should the world care?" Your core value proposition is your brand"s ultimate answer why the world should care? Click to tweet Step 3: Break down your top customer personalities You"re almost ready to start populating your messaging matrix, but there"s one thing left to do before you get started: refine and refresh your personalities as a buyer . Think about the way you talk at a family reunion:your tone and subjects change depending on whether you are hanging out with the children in the family, young adults, or elders. Even the same story you would tell in a slightly different way. This is why this step is so important. You may have honed your overall value proposition, but how you convey and communicate that will depend on who you talk to. It means figuring out who you"re talking to and understanding them in depth. And once everyone in the room remembers it, you can start filling the matrix with your characters as the vertical axis and the components of your positioning on the horizontal axis. Step 4: Fill Your Mail Matrix Finally, it"s time to start populating the matrix. You have all the information you need, you just need to frame it. This means taking the important parts of your proposal fromvalue and your message and "translate" them into how each of your key customers would like to hear them. If your general value proposition answers, "why does the world care? " the language you propose in this step answers, "why would this particular person care?" In the matrix you will write information such as: A version of your value proposition focused on that specific personality, thinking about what first impressions you would like "she had, what would hook them, and more. What product or service, or what features of your product or service, they would be most interested in and why, including the benefits and results that these features bring. What kinds of facts and social proof will be the most compelling and appealing to them. And slowly, all the puzzling nuancesYour business and customer preferences will start to become much clearer. Step 5: Use and review it regularly Finally, the last step is to make sure that you, and anyone who needs it, are actually using the information in the matrix messaging. Documentation is only useful when people actually reference it, which can take behavioral and habit change. Make sure the matrix is ​​easily accessible to anyone who needs it and always up to date. This probably means uploading it to your s hared company file reader or wiki, and having a periodic quarterly meeting with your stakeholders to review and updateit. Recommended Reading: Brand Asset Management: Getting Started Getting Your Mail in Order MaintenanYou haven"t learned how a messaging matrix works (and why it works), you"re ready to build your own. It"s time to send a calendar request to the client"s stakeholders and start the first step. And for even more help getting started, download an email matrix template below: April 1, 2020