Ang Lee has always been ahead of the curve, which it's about reintroducing martial arts cinema with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon , making one of the first ultra-mainstream gay movies with Brokeback Mountain or by pursuing methods of integrating CGI and 3D into modern cinema with Life of Pi . Technology and the future of cinema are Lee's new obsession, not side what will become of the film? of this play, but even more so how will the public look at themselves and immerse themselvesin the world of cinema in the future.

Enter its Billy Lynn 's Halftime Walk which was presented at the New York Film Festival as the first film of its kind: 120 frames per second (almost all films modern cameras were at 24 fps; The Hobbit was at 48 fps), in 4K and 3D resolution. The film follows a soldier named Billy Lynn ( Joe Alwyn ) who briefly returned home to Texas to be part of a Thanksgiving halftime show celebrating his heroism, the United States. and the music of Child of Destiny . During the day, the sensory overload of being paraded like a hero throws him into combat flashbacks alongside Vin Diesel , Garrett Hedlund and others.

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