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Assembly Cut Explained: Why There Is No 4 Hour Black Panther Cut

Movies   2021-01-19 19:20:57

A fairly new trend in movie news has arisen, and it has to do with the so-called " extended cuts "of highly anticipated films. Rumors revolve around an early cut of four hours of Black Panther , or an early cut of four hours of Blade Runner 2049 , and fans are starting to demand for your the director"s full vision instead of the theatrical version. But there is a major difference between a "first cut" and an "assembly cut", and that is night and day. Knowing the difference here means realizing that an extremely long cut of Black Panther or your favorite Marvel movie may not actually exist, and so getting excited about a shorter final run is a little silly. So what exactly is a cut assembly and why does it matter? Let"s break it down. To understand what an assembly cut is, you must first understand the traditional process filmmaking. Often, when a film is in production, the film editor is already cutting some of the footage shot on a given day. But since the director is overwhelmed with the day-to-day workings of managing a film set, he or she may not be involvede complex way in setting up these scenes at this early process.