In December, when we learned for the first time that Banshee would be delayed , April 1 seemed to be forever absent, but now that we turn the corner of 2016 to March, and so we're getting closer and closer to the last eight episodes of the series. It's a bittersweet moment, because as excited as I am to see how Jonathan Tropper termine the show, I'm also sad to see it go.

The final season of 'Banshee ' is delayed, Cinemax releases a new trailer as an apology

Good and bad news, Fanshees.

What's worth noting about this new trailer is is that it is actually shorter and contains less dialogue than the "apology promotion " which was released a few years ago.month. A lot of the scenes are the same, with the voiceover of "the past has locked you up long enough ", and Lucas Hood ( Antony Starr ) yelling "I'm not Lucas Hood! " "(But will we find his real name?) Check it out below:

The new trailer shows a few more explosions to compliment Carrie's flamethrower ( Ivana Milicevic ), fireballs, and of course, hail of bullets from countless guns. Banshee has certainly never shied away from violence, and taking those extra months to wrap up the season could mean the action sets will be even bigger than expected (but hopefully that will will also retain its cinematic beauty).

There is however a lot to be done for the series, including the fate of Job ( Hoon Lee ) and Kai Proctor ( Ulrich Thomsen ). In addition, Brock ( Matt Servitto ) end up trusting Hood? And what about Rebecca's ( Lili Simmons ) takeover attempts and her budding partnership with Clay ( Matthew Rauch )? And who will Sugar ( Frankie Faison ) reprimand next?

The Banshee season posters are also famous for giving some clues as to what's to come, so what's our take on this new one? Who is dead, and what does this knife (sword?) Mean? You can see the full poster below, and I guess we'll find out soon enough, Fanshees. The final season of Banshee premieres April 1 on Cinemax.

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