In its fourth and final season, the FX series The Strain has seen nine months pass since the outbreak of a global nuclear apocalypse, allowing the strigoi to gain control and the Master to establish a totalitarian regime. The majority of humans do not work for the strigoi in The Partnership, where they must collaborate or die, and the heroes we seek have disbanded and will have to overcome personal difficulties and stay in. life long enough to eventually be successful.e and save mankind.

During this one-on-one phone interview with Collider, showrunner Carlton Cuse ( Lost , Bates Motel , Colony ) explained how the show was ready for a little reinvention, how they came to this Conclusion for the story, the biggest challenge of having your main cast on separate trips, whose trip will tell us the most about them, why the Master is feeling pretty good right now, and that the humanity should never give up hope. He also talked about his next job as a showrunner, on the Hulu series of Locke and Key which he is currently developing with Joe Hill , and the essentials he learned while working on Lost .

 Carlton cuse on the stump season 4and locke & key