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Daddy's House 2 Trailer: Mel Gibson and John Lithgow Join the Dads Club

Movies   2021-01-20 05:02:38

A new trailer for Paramount Pictures " Daddy "s Home 2 arrived long before its release date in early November and its Christmas-themed plotline, so, "Happy Holidays " I guess? At least this time the trailer comes in a widescreen format pread conventional and not condensed into a Facebook square like the the first , so there has plenty more room for all dads to voice their grievances in this comedy sequel. Trailer of "Daddy "s Home 2 ": Mel Gibson and John Lithgow Crash the Party Meet the dads " daddies. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg return as beau -Sensitive dad Brad Whitaker and badass dad Dusty Mayron respectively, but they are joined by their own dads in this follow-up to the 2015 hit directed by Sean Anders . Anders returns to direct newcomers John Lithgow , playing the role of Elder Mr. Whitaker, and Mel Gibson as Grand Patriarch Mayron. Not enough dads for you? Don"t worry, there is more to come. Check out the new trailer for Daddy’s Home 2 below. The film also stars Linda Cardellini , John Cena and Alessandra Ambrosio . Daddy"s Home 2 hits theaters on November 10. Check out the new trailer below: Here"s the official synopsis for Daddy "s Home 2: The first trailer set up the sequel"s premise for fans of the original film and the people who missed it, but it didn"t dig much into it. the antics the gang of dads would do. Fortunately, this trailer does just that. Gibson"s character is the mold Dusty was born from, but his son has turned a new leaf thanks to Brad"s efforts. Lithgow gets the short end of the screentime stick in this new video, however, but hopefully his character will become fleshe out a bit more in the film.