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Dragon Ball Super Movie release date: Funimation brings Broly to North America

Movies   2021-01-19 07:03:48

Earth"s Mightiest Saiyan Goku is set to return to US and Canadian theaters with today "s announcement that Funimation Films has acquired the film rights for the new Dragon Ball Super , titled Dragon Ball Super: Broly . This is the twentieth film in the Dragon Ball franchise and is based on the story, and character design of the original creator Akira Toriyama . As part of its distribution agreement with producer Toei Animation and international distributor of the film Twentieth Century Fox, Funimation also obtained the rights to home entertainment, video on demand and broadcast of the film. this latest agreement builds on the 22 year partnership between toei animation funimation, which has contributed to the worldwide success of dragon ball f "s pop culture ranchise. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is slated for release in North America in January 2019 after opening on December 14 in Japan. The filming dates for the film will be announced at a later date. Toei Animation recently teased the Broly-centric storyon Twitter, revealing a post from Akira Toriyama: