It was a bit difficult for the Ray Donovan loyal this season. Almost everything felt repetitive in terms of storytelling, and the show 's strongest aspect - family - never got together like he did in previous seasons. Everyone was scattered until the end, and the end-of-season scene where Terry and Ray helped Bunchy get his stolen money back was reminiscent of how great the series can be when the Donovans work together. But for the most part, Season 5 has worked to keep everyone apart.nde, especially when it comes to the relationship between Donovan's men and their wives (more on this later). As "Time Takes a Cigarette" drew to a close, it seemed clear that this Ray Donovan season was an exercise on the water.

Showtime announced this week that the series is returns for its sixth season with a location change to New York City, something that was teased in the Season 5 finale. C It's a reshuffle the show needs, especially after the Natalie James incident seemed to kick Ray out of town. But was that the full meaning of his story? Natalie's apathetic ingenuous character was meant to remind us of a Marilyn Monroe type, but that comparison always felt forced and ultimately hollow. Of course, his death helped Ray overcome his ultimate desire to run away from Lo.s Angeles, but there were other more compelling stories that could have done it. it's better. We lost the intrigue about Ray's anger management lessons early in the season, but it ended on a powerful (if not acquired) note during his last conversation with advisor, Dr. Brogan. We saw a quick flashback to the abuse Ray suffered as a child, something he always carried with him and which was once a stronger undercurrent in the history of the series. But Season 5 didn't seem to know what it wanted to focus on in regards to Ray's issues. In a longing for darkness, the show piled on top of all the sadness imaginable for Ray without giving him time to explore it.

'Ray Donovan ' renewed for season 6, will move to New York

Because Showtime doesn't cancel shows.