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Red vs Blue season 16 trailer reveals Shisno's paradox

Movies   2021-01-19 13:12:41

More earlier today we brought you the trailer for the celebratory documentary Why here we are: 15 years of rooster teeth which looks back on the business success since the early 2000s. The business itself is built in part on Red vs Blue , the company"s machinima-animated series starring famous characters from "Why We " re Here "The trailer for the documentary celebrates 15 years by Rooster Teeth The RT Docs This feature will take a look at the rise of the company over the past 15 years, from "Red vs Blue "at " RWBY "and beyond. It "s quite amazing how far Red vs Blue, and Rooster Teeth in general, have gotten over the past 16 seasons and 15 years. What started as a fairly focused battle between the title teams in Blood Gulch has grown into the longest-running episodic web series of all time, winning legions of devoted fans as well as numerous awards. The story continues in "The Shisno Paradox " and you can get a first look at it here! Take a look at our exclusive Rooster Teeth "s Red vs Blue Season 16 trailer reveal below: And for an added bonus, here is the season 16 teaser publishedPosted by Rooster Teeth earlier this month: