When The Shannara Chronicles debuted on MTV in 2016, it was the network 's top rated series of the year. MTV has since released the ed game, so its parent company Viacom moved the series to Spike TV, which will soon become the Paramount Network. This was clearly a mistake. Ratings dropped dramatically, to the point that the second season never saw episodes reach more than 310,000 telespsectors. There are other ed series with even smaller audiences (much smaller, even) that have continued, but there's also a cost consideration when it comes to producing a fantasy epic that turns on. place in New Zealand.

As such, The Shannara Chronicles has been canceled on Spike, and it seems extremely unlikely that it will end on any other Viacom network - not that it should. According to Deadline , the show 's studio, Sonar, was already shopping series before the cancellation was officially revealed. In addition to the TV series, he is also seeking the rights of functionality, interactivity (VR and AR) and merchandising. The series is also currently airing on Netflix in the United States and abroad, which could put them in the running for the rights.s, while Amazon (which was looking for a fantasy epic and obviously selling the series of books) might also be interested.