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Snl old prospector sketch with will ferrell is hilarious

Movies   2021-01-19 19:12:58

Nowadays Saturday Night Live has a habit of putting "Cut for Time" skits online after airing of the show, allowing people to see some of the sketches that were performed during the dress rehearsal on Saturday night but were cut before the show aired live. But during the early days of the Internet, these "deleted" sketches weren"t as readily available, nor were they appearing online with any frequency. There is one, however, that has made its way to the people,and he achieved legendary status: Old Prospector. This sketch was originally released in the fall of 2001, just weeks after September 11, and featured Will Ferrell as an old prospector tasked with helping the US armed forces in their war in Afghanistan and driving out Osama bin Laden. It"s a silly premise, but Ferrell unsurprisingly steals the whole thing, so much so that the cast can barely keep it together as he clearly starts ad-libbing and adding some old prospector insanity to the whole shebang.