Spoiler Warning: Seriously, if you haven't watched the last episode, "Thirteen, " do so immediately!

The 100 may be a TV show and not real life with real people, but writers and actors have created a dense world with relatable characters despite the extreme conunfathomable editions and constants, situations of life and death. This is what makes it exciting, although more often than not heartbreaking to watch.

The death of Lexa ( Alycia Debnam-Carey ) makes everyone who came before to feel insignificant in comparison. This one is going to hurt for a long, long time.

All signs were there that Lexa's life would be short, but I chose to believe that she would be the exception and that there was no way she could. she dies. Lexa and Clarke ( Eliza Taylor ) were meant to fight their differences, their loyalty to their people, and somehow make it work and share their hearts between them. Only that was never meant to be their way.

 The reaction of the 100 thirteen: the fate of the 100 thirteen is revealed: the fate of the 100 thirteen is revealed