Mega spoilers to come if you haven't watched The Ritual on Netflix for the moment.

Sometimes the most memorable part of a horror movie is its monster. Even if the game is not up to par, the plot is something you have seen before and the characters make decisions aboutans head, a good movie monster can save an otherwise forgettable movie. I'm happy to say that David Bruckner 's The Ritual is a rare horror film that actually has a solid cast, a story full of twists and turns that you won't see coming, and a deeper narrative-level emotion that is rare. among macho movies these days. (Read the review by Phil Brown here .) Beyond all of that, it gets a boost for a truly remarkable movie monster that's an exciting addition to the genre, but probably needs a little more explanation for viewers back home.

 The monster of the ritual movie explained; David Bruckner's Mythical Creature

'The Ritual ' Review: David Bruckner Shows Promise In Netflix 's Familiar Horror Tale

Rafe Spall leads the horror film "Lost in the woods" by David Bruckner.

Adapted by Joe Barton from Adam Nevill's novel of the same name , The Ritual follows a group of college friends on a backpacking trip to Sweden. What begins as a men's retreat in honor of a deceased friend soon turns into a fight for sudream as things turn for the very, very scary. In a maze-like forest, the gang encounter cryptic symbols, a seemingly abandoned cabin, and a headless effigy in the attic, but that's just the beginning of their troubles. Something is chasing them through the forest, picking them up one by one. And while The Ritual does a solid job of offering great looks at this original movie monster and explaining just enough of its mythology to satisfy most viewers, we wanted to dive a little deeper.