While preparing for a retrospective on the films of Zack Snyder , I went back and reviewed his films, or, in the case of Watchmen , gave Director 's Cut a first screening. The film is 24 minutes longer than the theatrical cut and is somehow even more faithful to the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons . I haven't seen the "Ultimate Cut ", which is re-released to include the animated short Tales of the Black Freighter, and it looks like I have made the right choice in terms of what Snyder wanted me to see.

Steve recently spoke to Snyder on press day for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , and asked which of the three versions of the film - theatrical, Director 's Cut or Ultimate Cut - Snyder preferred. Here is the video:


Watchmen: director's cut vs ultimate version

Snyder replied:

Having now seen the Director 's Cut and the Black Freighter separately, I agree with Snyder ' s position. I don't see the added benefit of Watchmen in trying to look even more like the comic.being said, after watching the director's cut of Watchmen, I'm confident that if Warner Bros. had said to Snyder: "Here 's all the money you want and there ' s no time limit on your movie " he would have done a frame by frame remake of the graphic novel, and that includes Tales of the Black Freighter.

If you missed what Snyder told us about the upcoming 300 suites, click here . Look for more of Steve's interview with Snyder soon.

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