In a rather surprising move, Hulu canceled the series humorous / dramatic half an hour High fidelity after one season. The show was hosted by Zoe Kravitz and was a radical adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel of the same name, which itself was made into a lovely movie haswith John Cusack in 2000. But the TV series reversed the gender of the main character, with Kravitz giving a pretty marvelous performance as "Rob", a woman going through her failed past relationships while trying to manage his record store.

High Fidelity was remarkable because it was one of the first TV shows to be developed by Disney +. That's right, this very grown-up TV series was originally supposed to debut on Disney +, but as the Disney + team progressed in building what their 'brand name would be. After the streaming service launched, she decided to switch High Fidelity to Hulu because of its adult content. Indeed, once upon a time Disney + was envisioned as a more comprehensive streaming service than the 100% family-friendly streamer it is now.

But I move away from the subjectand. High Fidelity received positive reviews, and showrunners Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka had plans for "multiple seasons " of the series. It is not known why Hulu decided to cancel it, and no further details have been revealed. It's a shame too, because the entire cast was incredibly charming.

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