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Is Plex streaming secure and safe to use?

New   2021-01-14 14:16:41

Plex has become a server and software of choice for all those who want to easily organize, stream and share their media libraries, including their favorite movies and music. Plex Media Server can be installed on your main desktop, allowing you to manage all your media in one place and then stream it to as many platforms and devices as you want, through the Plex app. As the process involves installing and using your own server, it"s certainly understandable that you want to know if Plex is secure. In this article, we discuss the important features and security considerations when it comes to streaming with Plex. Visit the Plex website to learn more and to register What is Plex and how does it work? Read TechRadar"s guide Our pick of the best streaming services Free SSL certificate An SSL certificate encrypts the connection between a client (that is - say, your device) and a server. It provides an important way to protect your sensitive information - in this case your media library and your Plex account - from hackers. Since 2015, Plex has been providing all its users with free SSL certificates for their Plex media servers. On its website, Plex states that this removes the requirement for additional encryption via an VPN or by creating your own security certificates. Additionally, on the Plex app interface, the gre Lock icon is easily visible to indicate that your server, media library, and the device currently in use have all secure connections. Media sharing Plex allows you to share media with your friends and your family. With your permission, other people can browse and stream the media content on your Plex server. Naturally, Plex has some basic requirements in place to ensure that this interaction is safe. For example, if you want a friend to have access to your movies, they should create a Plex app account so you can invite them. Plus, as the server owner, you can manage who has access to what in your library. Plex Home is also intended for sharing, but for people who live under the same roof. If you opt for Plex Home, all relevant apps / devices must be connected. Additionally, the DLNA server (built-in to your Plex server) is automatically disabled to help protect your media. (Image credit: Shutterstock / Plex) Using Plex with a VPN A VPN is a useful way to protect your online security. If you already use a VPN for streaming , or if you want to use one Along with Plex, it can add an extra layer of privacy to your Plex server and account. It can also help to avoid possible issues you may encounter while streaming, such as throttling bandwidth (which can cause buffering). However, a VPN can potentially cause problems with the initial connection with Plex"s security certificate. To overcome this, Plex suggests disabling your VPN until an authenticated connection has been established. Is Plex streaming secure and safe to use? For Plex, security really seems to be a top priority. It offers full security to ensure that your media library, your Plex account / server details, and devices connected to Plex for streaming are all protected against data leaks, privacy breaches, and hacking attempts. It also provides security measures for so you can safely share your media library with friends and family. Plex review : "... a great tool for creating an easy-to-distribute media library ... "