At the beginning of the 40s, as I was compiling a list of movies to watch I remembered one about a pornstar who attacked her co-workers with a samurai sword. The problem was, I couldn't remember the title. I made a friendly call for help on Twitter, and within minutes I learnedthat the movie I was looking for was called Mope , and it still hadn't been released despite a well-rated festival.

I searched for the director of the film, Lucas Heyne , and I Realized I knew his manager, Zach Cox at Circle of Confusion, so I called in favor and a few days later I was looking at Mope. It didn't take long to understand why the film had yet to find distribution. In less than two minutes, it was pretty obvious that this film was completely unseen in theaters in its current form. No ifs, and or buts (well, maybe a few butts) on this - completely impossible to release. And in all likelihood, the filmmakers knew that upon entering. This film was not intended to be played in an auditoriumAMC next to the

So I lean my cap on Quiver Distribution - which is also behind the graphic also Thriller Kevin James Becky - for rescuing Mope, which will finally be released on VOD on June 16. It 'sa smart pickup, because it ' s the kind of movie midnight which many people will not be able to resist. I will let the distributor describe this terrible crime tale first.

That's a classy way of saying, it's a movie about pornstars who want to become pornstars who spent their careers getting nuts kicked, until the one of them decides to relax, with deadly consequences. Honestly, I can say that I have never seen a movie like Mope's. You can practically taste the stale sweat on his performers and smell the cha r Characters 'pathetic desperation to visit "showbiz. "

One of the main reasons Mope works as well as he does are his Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Kelly Sry are both great as Steve Driver and Tom Dong , helping two mopes coming up as vulnerable and complicated human beings with real hopes and real dreams. There are also notable support towers from Brian Huskey , Max Adler and David Arquette as a porn author who didn 't not appreciate Steve 's submission shtick for celebrity.

Mope is a totally unique experience that doesn't shy away from the horrific indignities of the porn industry. If I had to compare it to any other movie it would be Party Monster , except this movie is really good. It also reminded me of Chuck Palahniuk '<❯Snuff Zack Newkirk , based on a story by Michael Louis Albo and David C. Hill .

Watch the trailer below, and if you want to know more about this tragic story, click here to read our interview with Heyne and the cast of the Sundance Film Festival 2019.

The cast and director of 'Mope ' Lucas Heyne on their true story of the porn industry

Plus, David Arquette, Brian Huskey, Max Adler, Tonya Cornelisse, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Kelly Sry and Lucas Heyne share what they were nervous to film before filming began.

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