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> "class " superImgCenter "> Listen, Cyber ​​Monday deals come in all shapes and sizes,including Chewbacca"s flattened hull which looks like he was run over by a podracer on Mos Espa. Enter the Chewbacca Pillow Pet (jumbo), which is a children"s toy that is a daytime companion and stuffed animal, but moonlight as a pillow. Seriously, it has some kind of little belt under your stomach that you can tie to make it more of a stuffed animal shape and then untie it at night so you can use it as a pillow. It looks comfortable. Pillow animals don"t come cheap, but this one is $ 20 for Cyber ​​Monday, so it"s a steal. Star Wars Chewbacca Pillow Pet $ 69.99 $ 49.99 on Amazon Save $ 20 on this huge Chewbacca pillow, which is a great companion and pillow for kids , adults and teens. It "s machine washable and quite massive, so it " s a steal. The Chewbacca Pillow is safe for all ages and machine washable, this which is probably necessary considering the fact that kids are often disgusting. The deion says that "kids, teens and adults love them classic and collectible comfy creatures " so no one will shame you if you buy one for yourself ainstead of the child that your mother keeps begging you to have. Listen, it will look great in a Star Wars themed bedroom, or on a shelf, or as a really fun cat bed. Han Solo would be absolutely horrified by this spectacle, but a child will love it. They won"t understand that Chewbacca is now a Wookiehide rug lying on the sandy ground of a ranch in Tattoine. They will love to sit on his hollowed-out torso! It "s fun and functional! This may not be one of our best Cyber ​​Monday Gaming Deals , but I would say "is among the most interesting.