I'm not sure we need a Sesame Street movie, but when was it ever necessary to determine whether or not a movie is being made? Warner Bros. is moving forward with their film Sesame Street, and Variety reports that Portlandia director and co-creator Jonathan Krisel has been hired to direct. The film would be a musical . According to Variety, " Mike Rosolio wrote the first draft, while Chris Galletta wrote the most recent version, which he is refining. "

Last time we spoke with Shawn Levy and his fellow producers as 21 Laps in 2016, they told us that they were in the process of making a deal at Warner Bros. (the project was originally set up at 20th Century Fox), they hope to make at least one movie on Sesame Street. Obviously, if this is the success they hope for. , there will be sequels.

Sesame Street premiered in 1969, and while there have been films like Elmo 's Adventures in Grouchland , something like Sesame Street would probably be more of a tent pole designed for more than just the youngest viewers. It would also be wise not to underestimate the popularity of Sesame Street, as it is raising children and children oftheir children and their children for almost 50 years.

There are no details on what the plot would entail, but we shouldn't be shocked to see Krisel behind the camera even though Portlandia is a very different show from Sesame Street. While this will mark his debut, he's been nominated three times for his work on Portlandia, and I'm curious to see what he brings to a Sesame Street movie.

What do you want to see in the movie Sesame Street? Do you think it should be geared towards young children, or do you think the wisest decision is to make it more appealing (although it obviously sticks to Tariff G since, after all, it is? based on a children's program)? Sound off in the comments.

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