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Here's why I'm finally upgrading my laptop on Black Friday

News   2020-11-02 16:29:05

It"s amazing how you can get used to having a gadget on hand. Having bought the Asus ZenBook line in 2015, I have postponed for the last few years the upgrade to the sleek and compact laptop that won me over so long ago, but as we move into the race to Black Friday 2020 , I can no longer delay the inevitable. The The ZenBook UX305 was, when I bought it, an amazingly good buy. I pa id between £ 500 and £ 600 (around $ 700 / AU $ 1,000) and was delighted to have found a thin, light, and pleasantly fast laptop that didn"t cost as much as a MacBook Air - which remained priced at $ 999 (£ 949, AU $ 1,499) for some time after its release. The ZenBook had 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, and it was wonderful when I first booted it up. I was also a little bored of black computers andgray that I had owned before, and have continued to see it everywhere - not least because Apple has persisted and persists in using these colors primarily for its MacBook line. The Asus ZenBook, however, had a brushed aluminum finish, with a radial pattern and purple / mauve coloring that seemed more "lifestyle accessory" than a "tech bro" gadget, almost like a clutch bag or cushion. sofa. (Yes, I drank the Kool-Aid.) Initially, the purpose of my ZenBook was to facilitate transport between conferences and libraries - it weighs only 1.17 kg - but it quickly turned into ensuring a ride London buses and trains, or a walk around the city, wouldn"t leave my back ache. And this is not the case! (Image credit: Asus) All good things come to an end The problem now, in 2020, is that I can"t not justify keeping it Screen is dark compared to just about every other screen I own; bezel feels thicker and harder with every infinite screen smartphone or smart TV I see; sound doesn"t work simply more, whether through bluetooth, wired headphones, or the laptop"s own built-in speakers; and the processor is just a bit old. Everything that made ZenBook so tempting in 2015 - its size, weight and speed - is now less impressive, less alluring, less urgent, as technology has evolved in recent years. There will undoubtedly be a lot of Black Friday Deals on Laptops to tempt me. Once the discounts start rolling in I expect to find specifics.similar ations for around $400/ £ 400, or much better for the same price I pa id for the ZenBook. For an ultrabook that gives me the same admiration and feels as good for the price as when I bought it, I might pay a little more. I"m probably looking at the same amount of RAM and storage, just with a better processor - maybe the Intel i5 or Ryzen 5 , but probably not the models Intel i7 or Ryzen 7 that are on top of them, which would put the prices of laptops running above my budget. After waiting five years to upgrade, I think the difference will be quite dramatic. (Image credit: Asus) Letting go What often missing in discussions about updatingday, comparing pecs and so on is the personal attachment we have to our most used devices. Our smartphones are the devices most of us handle the most, and for many people their phones have become just a functional tool in something that looks like an extra limb of which they would be. practically helpless. So it"s no wonder that our phone is something that we are constantly looking to customize, upgrade and improve, to better meet our needs. It says a lot that I am not even using my ZenBook to write this article as a work laptop is better suited for this purpose. But when it comes to a device that feels personal to me - which will carry the programs I want to download, the projects I want to work on, the digital aspects of my life outside of my job - a new deal.I won"t have big shoes. fill. And it will have to be thin enough, light enough, fast enough - and yes, pretty enough - to be able to fill them. Check out the best laptop deals , or a selection of the top picks below: