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On the small-souled bugmen infestation

News   2021-02-07 19:17:39

On the infestation of small-souled insects Not to be confused with the gigantic insect - the insane man - of Kafka "s morphosis , the little soul bugman is really a " good adjusted ", neuron fully integrated into t The neoliberalist techno-corporate beehive spirit of oday. A consequence of dangerously overcrowded , brutally capitalist , unabashedly hedonistic, morally decaying society, the humble bugman came to define an era of technological dystopia in whicheveryone has everything - their gadgets, their fast food, their fashion accessories - but somehow everyone has nothing either - no community, no natural spirit, no substance of the world. "mind. This is a zombified consumer, emasculated Salary slave, a meaningless vessel filled with plastic, pixels and silicone. He is what a barren business wasteland spits out. Millions of them, nearly exact replicas that are repeatedly told they are unique by smart marketers, and believe it. This is a brand-defined personality, a Twitter user checked in blue. Bugmen are what we get when a crop is infanused , watered down and stripped of the very intellectual, philosophical and honorable fiber that once did. Totally dependent on the compromised support of his nanny state and his high-tech devices, the bugman was reduced to the status of domestic animal . A 200-pound child. And like a child, the bugman "s superficiality makes him malleable to the whims and ephemeral fashions of a degenerate society addicted to smartphones and dopamine. He bases his identity on passing trends that seem to him to be profound, boasting of having a head start on his peers - an "early adopter" - without realizing that it is the marketer who always has a leg up. ahead of him. He is the subject of the Millennium Test, the lab rat brand loyalty experts are pa id $ 20,000 per hour at the locker. First in line for the latest iPhone from "Apple, he actively supports the out-of-control rise of AI and notions of planetary offshoring. Things haven"t always looked so gloomy for the bugman. He grew up in happy circumstances. Middle class parents who raised him well sent him to a good college. Oversocialization allowed him to be effortlessly accepted into a mentally ill civilization, but he unwittingly lacked the lack of meaningful struggle; the grueling initiations that turn boys into men. His mental development had been slowed down in the truest sense to the detriment of the engineering of a successful and painless assimilation in a clown world fueled by idiocy, deception and frivolity. The Occupied Bugmaneg now one of two life situations. First, the city bugman lives on top, below, and next to his insect companions in what is a veritable human-sized insect colony, hence its name. Second, the commuter bugman alive just like abnormally and miserably , aligned with careful symmetry between neighbors he will never know and trees that will never grow, house by house, street by street, as far as the eye can see. The willful exhaustion of the bugman "s soul purpose and passion made it easy to assign him without complaint to a tasteless good boy job "and a " career " which only supports the demented corporate structure. He is a willful cogre in the bullshit machine - a marketer, an analyst, a "project manager" - or perhaps surrendered his life to preserving state madness by becoming a lawyer or a bureaucrat. Worse yet, it swallowed up the STEM dream sold by dirty toy dealers, dooming itself to an existence of zeros and ones. Zero goals. A sad bugman . So terrified of his masters, the bugman is fiercely loyal to faceless companies in what appears to be a Stockholm Syndrome social event. Terrified of being exposed as the fraud that he is, he hands his mind to be reshaped like putty until it fits the mold of the robotic farm. Before long, he"s sending 150 emails a day in which he promises to "hit the basics" and "mine the data". He will climb the imaginary ranks, while being harassed by a wavefeeling of emptiness and a sleepy rage that could lead him to an early grave. Unable to find element satisfaction in his job, the bugman became completely immersed in content, digital socialization and Faced with the monumental task of saving his soul, he instead sought to escape at every turn. It upgrades its 60-inch 4K TV to a 75-inch 4K TV. He buys more video games and a virtual reality set, finds a pot dealer, and gets a preion on antidepressants. A Netflix enthusiast, movie lover and Spotify subscriber, he echoes pretentious magazine reviews by calling mediocre works of popular culture "urgent" and of "asserting life". Blinded by his inability to consume anything below the surface of consumer products spoon fed, easily digested and createdby a committee, he will never know the transcendence of real genius - towering authors, musical virtuosos or glorious artists - things that could make his soul greater. The bugman"s diet is equally nutritionally inadequate and inexplicably expensive. He made eating an unnecessarily complicated act by falling for the mutually-marketed lies that food can be made better with technology - see "healthy" snacks sold in recycled cardboard - and that preparing food properly is a problem. waste of time and effort. So everything he buys comes wrapped, lab-produced, cunningly salty, or loaded with sugar. Exercise is not a part of his life, so it results in atrophied muscle structure, fatty tissue formations that insulate his vital organs, and pale, scaly skin. The bugman is intensely focused on making his life more "efficient". If he outsources every chore and gives up on starting a family, he will have more time to consume and more time to devote to his unnecessary work and to his trendy hobbies. He orders groceries and asks Alexa to keep him up to date with the news of the day. Gamification through apps at $ 3.99 has taken over virtually every aspect of his life. for the bugman, is progress. As far as sport is concerned, bugmen can be carefully Social media is the bugman"s public place. This is where he "debates", makes jokes and flaunts the status and moral virtue of the hive. This is where he seeks respite from the alienation of modern life, but he never seems to quite find it. He flips through his Twitter feed aimlessly, pokes fun at Jimmy Kimmel"s YouTube clips, and smugly describes himself as "socially liberal and fiscally conservative" in New York City on my comment sections. The bugman "s lack of severe skepticism has led him down a path saturated by mainstream media with technological adulation, social justice errors and " progress "- morality at all costs. The dearth of historical, rational and spiritual context in his mind leaves only the possibility of suffering in turmoilpanicked these days, the antenna twisting in response to the prevailing bad news. The bugman cares little that the world has been irrevocably corrupted and damaged by Machiavellian technologists and shady bureaucrats. If he is not one of them, he wholeheartedly adheres to their UN-approved missions to bring about "world peace", to "end poverty" and other well-being nonsense. He is oblivious to the toxic impact of globalist corporations and think tanks that exist only to feed his consumerist impulses and create the economic contrivance that supports such behavior. It is the useful ideal par excellence t, keeping whatever he thinks stands in the way of a perfect functioning command . He hides his intellectual cowardice amid ideological rhetoric and Orwellian discourse. The debate convincing and the search for truth are challenges to its dominance of public discourse, so the bugman must become a master at skewing arguments in a desperate attempt to present itself as the well-reasoned and fair party. Beware you from its powerful toolkit including, but not limited to, virtue signaling, cries of "hate speech", Strawman arguments and ad hominem attacks. it stems from his fear of countering the "correct" views of the day. If he just repeats general public comments, he can be sure he"s on the right side of the story. Despite toDespite the inhumanity and misery of a bugman"s life, rest assured it is no small feat to meet one in person who reveals his trauma. He will invariably present himself as polite, gentle, happy, and "kind". It is remarkably non-confrontational, avoiding controversy at virtually any cost. PC culture rocked him, terrified of being ostracized for a bad idea. This is the bugman"s tough outer shell, and it will never be penetrated. Under this shell is his little soul, vainly seeking his sustenance. While he can carry himself with an air of intellectual and moral superiority, the bugman has stopped asking the big questions. He can remember from afar the feeling of dread he felt as a child, those moments looking at the stars and the moon; those moments of reflection on his ancestry, where he came from the history and traditions of mankind and the wild beauty of the Terre. Now his mind is so distracted by pixelated inanity, trash culture and his ridiculous job that he cannot, for god"s sake, just sit and think. He can no longer be at peace or derive joy from nature and blissful simplicity. He feels frustration at his inability to end the mysterious forces that plague his soul day in and day out, but does nothing about it. And so he remains, indefinitely and categorically, a bugman with a small soul. Read my free news Sub-Toronto , located in a 2080 dystopian where bugmanism reigns supreme. Twitter: @adamwinfield Blog: Palimpseste