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The gpd win 3: a new alternative to the Nintendo Switch

News   2021-02-18 19:22:38

GPD Win 3: a new alternative for the Nintendo Switch Another alternative for Nintendo Switch has been The GPD Win 3, a new portable console for PC, promises incredible specifications and power. At first glance, the new handheld running Windows looks like a mix of a Nintendo Switch console and the Dell console UFO, but its 5.5 inch 720p foldable screen and integrated keyboard make it more interesting. There is also a fully integrated gamepad with two joysticks, four triggers , a directional pad and four action buttons. It has air ventsat the back and an exhaust vent on the top. There is also a USB-A port, a power key, a headphone jack, and a built-in microphone. At the bottom you"ll find the speakers and a Thunderbolt 4.0 USB-C port. Finally, there are two customizable buttons on the back of the controller handles, which also contain growl comments. The price of the new GPD Win 3 may, however, make interested gamers a little hesitant. At the starting price of 799 US dollars, the console must keep all its promises and not disappoint its fans. One can also play online casino games there. A Nintendo Switch that ruins Windows - that"s what many PC gamers dream of. That dream may soon come true as a new handheld console has appeared on a crowdfunding platform that looks hugely promising. The GPD Win 3, a new handheld PC has been announced as a replacement for the Nintendo Switch. Although the Nintendo Switch has been available for over 3.5 years, the console is still very popular today. So it"s no wonder that many manufacturers around the world are trying to copy the recipe for handheld success. GPD is a company that has already made a name for itself among computer hardware enthusiasts. The Chinese company is known for its ultra-compact yet powerful Windows handhelds - most recently the GPD Win Max has made a name for itself. Experts are now working on a new model that should inspire all future gamers: the Win 3 GPD. At first glance, the Windows handheld looks like a mix Nintendo Switch console and Dell UFO console. The handheld"s highlight: Instead of a foldable 720p display, the display can be flipped up this time, givingUser access to the integrated keyboard - an interesting construction that makes the screen prone to scratches. Fortunately, a protective film is already pre-installed on the GPD Win 3. GPD Win 3 is the Nintendo Switch alternative The integrated hardware of GPD Win 3 is promising. The higher version of the Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor is used with 16 GB of RAM. The capacity of the PCIe SSD is very high at 1TB. On the other hand, that of the battery is rather low - only 44Wh is specified in the datasheet. For such a compact handheld, that was perfectly fine, but the battery should die out after 3 hours of demanding gaming at the latest. There is no dedicated graphics card, but since the screen resolution is only 720p, it should also be possible to "" run current games without any problems with reduced settings on the built-in g raphics unit of the procIntel essor. Even The Witcher 3 runs at around 60 FPS, as a video from the developer proves: Good to know: According to information from GPD, it is a model with the weaker i5-1136G7. The performance of the i7 processor could possibly be even higher. The GPD Win 3 should also be able to be easily connected to a monitor via a docking station sold separately - the handheld also comes with so many other connections. GPD Win 3: Price and availability of the console PC The GPD Win 3 is currently only available on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. The version with the i5 processor costs US $ 799, the most powerful version with the i7 processor costs US $ 899. A comparable laptop with similar hardware specifications often costs even more. Nintendo Switch Lite does not costte only a fraction - but is it worth buying the lite console? Is the Nintendo Switch Lite worth it? For PC enthusiasts, the GPD Win 3 could prove to be the Nintendo Switch alternative they have been waiting for so long. After the crowdfunding phase, however, the prices of the two handheld consoles are expected to increase somewhat - at least that has always been the case in the past. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a light version of the normal Switch. The TV function is no longer available and the screen is 0.7 inch smaller. But what the Switch Lite lost in those places it brings back to another place as a thoroughbred handheld console. The practical design and the low weight (270 grams) stand out very positively in mobile use. Battery performance just might be more generous. One of the lowest prices on the internet for console is 210 US dollars. If you don"t care about a smaller screen and find it better, don"t worry about the inferior battery performance, then Nintendo Switch Lite may still be worth it. Are there other alternatives? In case you are not a Nintendo fan or do not want to waste so much on this new laptop, there are other portable consoles available that could work as substitutes. LYRA You can buy this portable console for 149 US dollars. LYRA is perfect for players who love old classics. Powered by Rasberry Pi CM3L, the console promises to bring gaming history back to your hands. What does it mean? LYRA can emulate all classic consoles from the classic era. Prepare for a nostalgic trip. The portable console bitt also function as your personal computer and not just as a disturbance system. So it already does more than Nintendo"s Switch Lite. And now about the specs, the console is powered by the Broadcom BCM2837B0 64-bit SoC, Cortex-A53 (ARMv8), which is a 64-bit 1-4GHz quad-core processor. It comes with 1 GB of RAM and a 5 inch TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Google Stadia / xCloud Another alternative could be a cloud gaming service . Although for this service the fans do not know how to feel. Many believe that a lot has been promised, but nothing has been delivered. Fans and websites alike called the service a sham, as it was unable to provide most of the features initially presented and a the majority of games in the open world run at lower resolutions and sometimes with lower detail settings than an Xbox One X. Stadia has a Computing graphics power of 10.7 teraflops and is theoretically stronger than the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X combined. If you want to try the service, it will cost you US $ 9.99 per month. New consoles and gaming services are coming out all the time. Keep your eyes and ears open if you don"t want to be left behind.