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Easy Recovery Essentials: Live USB Troubleshooting to Repair Windows 10 Startup

Repair Windows   2020-12-05 21:05:57

Easy Recovery Essentials (EasyRE) is a pa id troubleshooting USB Live published by neosmart . It is very effective in resolving the following startup issues: A BCD error message with error code 0xc0000 on Windows 10 BSODs when starting Windows 10 BOOTMGR is missing or Missing for MBR PCs Error Recovery Your PC / Device needs to be repaired Error and BSOD 0xC000021A , 0xc0000225 when starting Windows 10 Votre PC hangs on startup on a blue Recovery or Recovery page of Windows 10 A SrtTrail.txt error on Windows 10 and automatic automatic repair loop Error bootres file. dll damaged Error Winload.efi or winload.exe is missing when starting the PC Indeed, we created a bootable USB key with EasyRE in MBR or UEFI environment. Then we launches Windows 10 Startup Repair and Recovery Tool which automatically finds and fixes startup errors . But the Live USB EasyRE troubleshooting doesn "t stopnot there and also offers the following features: Antivirus scan to detect and remove malware and malware of all kinds (trojan, spyware, rootkit, etc.) The ability to navigate through folders to recover files when Windows is damaged . Very useful therefore to recover your data Restore Windows 10 to revert to an earlier system restore point Surf the internet with a web browser to transmit files Partition your disks with GParted C " is a very simple and ideal recovery environment to get out of critical situations. This article guides you to Easy Recovery Essentials (EasyRE) to troubleshoot your PC when Windows 10 crashes on startup. Table materials Easy Recovery Essentials: Live USB troubleshooting to repair Windows 10 startup 1.1 Create and start on the Live USB EasyRE 1.2 Repair startupWindows 10 1.3 Recover and backup its data 1.4 Browse the internet from the Live USB 1.5 Open a terminal for command line access 2 Links 3 Easy Recovery Essentials: Live USB troubleshooting to repair Windows 10 startup EasyRE comes in several versions: Home Edition (€ 19), Professional Edition (€ 30), Server Edition. The Pro version offers a disk partitioning tool (with GParted ). Create and start on the Live USB EasyRE Rien d " extraordinary, you buy a license then download the ISO file of Easy Recovery Essentials. Then we created the Bootable USB key with Rufus for example. Create a bootable USB key with Rufus Then we start on the USB key there too, an article on the site guides you. How to start your PC on a USB key Finally we arrive at the following GRUB page with the choice Easy Recovery Essentials. Validate then let it live USB booter troubleshooting. Finally once, we arrive on the Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows page with the following choices: Automatic Repair : repairs Windows 10 startup automatically Virus Scanner : performs an antivirus scan to find and remove malware Browse / Backup files : Allows you to browse the folders to recover and save your files Partition Editor : open GParted to partition, resize your disk partitions Internet Browser : open an internet browser ( Chromium ) to surf the internet Launch Command line : open a terminal to place commands Repair Windows 10 startup The Windows 10 startup repair is extremely simple. Choose Automatic Repair from the EasyRE start menu Then indicate the system partition C of Windows The tool then performs the scans and fixes the startup problems. Here it detects a BSOD 0xC000021A After the repair is complete, restart the PC to test if the Windows 10 startup errors are resolved.olues and corrected As you can see Windows 10 startup repair is done in a few clicks. Everything is automated which makes EasyRE a powerful Live USB troubleshooting. The site offers a complete article with all the solutions and methods to recover and correct the startup of Windows 10 : How to fix Windows startup 10 Well done! You have successfully repaired Windows 10 startup with the Easy Recovery Essentials live USB troubleshooter ( EasyRE). Recover and backup your data The Browse / Backup files option opens a file explorer. This allows you to access Windows folders and files from the Live USB. You can then copy them to another partition or to a removable disk. Others methods are given in this tutorial: Recover data when Windows is crashed Well done! You have successfully recovered your data with the live USB fromEasy Recovery Essentials (EasyRE) troubleshooting. Surf the internet from Live USB With Internet Browser , the Chromium browser opens on the screen. Enough to access the site"s problem solving tutorials or upload an important file . Open a terminal for access to the command line Finally the last option Launch Command line gives access to a Linux terminal and shell. This allows you to place commands when you are at "comfortable with Linux. Links Macrium Reflect: Repair Windows 10 startup after a disk clone GParted: resize (enlarge / shrink) a disk partition Repair Windows 10 without data loss Error BCD: fix BCD and Winload errors How to reset or restore Windows 10 MediCat: create a rescue and troubleshooting USB key You found this Useful and interesting article, don "t hesitate to share it ... Easy Recovery Essentials: Live USB troubleshooting to repair Windows 10 startup